If You Build It, They Still May Not Come Or Why Building a Website Won’t Fix All Your Marketing Woes

January 22nd, 2021 Blog
Too often, business owners think that all they have to do is put up a website, and the click and conversion floodgates will open.   Nothing is further from the truth.   A good...
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Renew Your Brand in 2021

December 18th, 2020 Blog
You’re cleaning out the garage, oiling the exercise bike and purging the cupboards of junk food. The new year is all about renewal. While you’re getting on the right track with your health and...
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Season’s Greetings from Kymera

December 14th, 2020 Blog
The holiday season is once again upon us, and things sure have changed from just a year ago. We’ve travelled uncharted territories along with many other businesses and are so grateful to have been...
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Creating Connection with Content

November 18th, 2020 Blog
If you’re using content as a one-way megaphone just telling people to buy out your inventory, then you could be making a costly mistake. One of the most common marketing missteps we observe is...
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Marketing Your Way to a Happy Holiday

November 16th, 2020 Blog
As the holidays come into focus, this is your opportunity to end the year on an up note. However, to be successful, you’ll probably need to throw out your old playbook, or at least run a few new...
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Sign of the Times

October 21st, 2020 Blog
In times of uncertainty, signs can point your customers in the right direction — straight to your front door! Well-designed business signage attracts the attention of new and existing customers....
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Six Scary Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

October 19th, 2020 Blog
This Halloween, don’t let terrifying marketing mistakes frighten you. It’s a critical time for many businesses — the “home stretch” to end-of-year profitability. And right now, it’s more...
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Pivot to Digital: The Future Is Now

October 5th, 2020 Blog
The COVID-19 crisis underscores the necessity for every business to have a robust digital footprint. Things we thought would remain largely IRL (in real life) have gone decidedly digital, whether...
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Keeping in Touch in Touchless Times

August 27th, 2020 Blog
COVID-19 has cut off businesses from many face-to-face client interactions. Some retailers remain closed, while others struggle with distancing, sanitation rules and wary customers. Businesses...
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Restaurant Menus: Dining Goes Digital

August 17th, 2020 Blog
Making the jump from print to digital is part science and part art. Some industries rapidly made the transition, such as magazines, newspapers, and e-books, but others, like restaurants, have had the...
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