How to Grow an Audience for Your Brand

How to Grow an Audience for Your Brand

If you want to grow your brand with content marketing, you need to do more than broadcast your message or try to game the latest search algorithm. You need content that engages and connects with an audience. Here’s how to do it.


  1. Find your peeps. First you want to segment your audience. You need to not only create content specifically for each segment, but also deploy it strategically for maximum reach and penetration. If your target demographic is a little more mature, you might consider Facebook — and reach out to Gen Z on Instagram or TikTok. However, you may uncover some surprises in audience engagement, for example, as older demographics are consuming more content on TikTok and also increasingly using it as a tool for online search. That’s why it’s always important to track engagement across channels, as you may find that your audience defies conventional wisdom.


  1. Establish a niche. You’ll often have a better shot at engaging and building an audience when you develop a specialty niche. If you’re a landscaping company or nursery, for example, you might create content around specific aspects of your products and services such as xeriscaping, organic lawncare or garden design depending on the specific type of customer you’re targeting.


  1. Leverage video content. Video is probably the most engaging content medium available to businesses of any size. Use it to your advantage to personalize your brand and expand your reach. After all, YouTube isn’t just a video platform, it’s also the world’s second largest search engine. You can effectively blend DIY content with professionally produced videos — or get help scripting or editing self-shot footage to stretch your marketing budget.


  1. Get social. Social media was conceived and engineered to promote user engagement. But you have to participate too in order to derive the full benefit for your business. Ask questions, use polls and surveys for data collection and respond to comments and questions promptly. Don’t grow your channels faster than you can keep up with consistent engagement efforts. Create written guidelines for social media managers to respond to customer questions.


  1. Have a scalable strategy. If you want to build a relationship with an audience, you can’t just talk to them once in a while. You have to put out fresh content regularly. Leverage the mediums that are easiest for you to create content for, whether that’s your blog, video channel or social media platforms. Develop an editorial calendar and plan (and produce) content well ahead of schedule so you can stay consistent when “life happens.” But quality should always come first. Per its recent “helpful content update,” Google will not reward those who pump out a lot of rehashed, generic content — besides, that’s no way to connect with actual people.


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