Kymera Helps Multi-Location Businesses Establish a Stronger Local Social Media Presence

You’ve grown into a successful multi-location business. Congratulations — that’s quite an achievement! But with all that growth comes new challenges — like meeting the individual marketing needs of all your locations on social media while maintaining a consistent brand identity and presence across channels.


Each of your locations understands its market from a unique perspective. They might sponsor local charities or sports teams as well as participate in their communities in a way only they can. Because of this, they have a relationship with — and can engage their online audience with — a level of authenticity that simply can’t be replicated from afar.


At the same time, it’s important to set and enforce visual branding and messaging standards for all your locations to protect your brand integrity. Taking on some of the day-to-day burdens of managing accounts and coordinating the distribution of social media content allows each location to focus more on generating those local sales you depend on.


Luckily, Kymera has a solution to this common dilemma.


Our content experts will edit and optimize all the posts and images your locations submit for your approval. And then we’ll schedule them for posting to all your social channels. And if your content needs review by your legal team, we can work that step into the production process too.


This can be a much more cost-effective strategy than hiring an agency to create every piece of content from scratch. And since it allows all your locations to personalize their social media for local markets, it has the potential to create a much higher level of engagement.


Our streamlined process lets your locations contribute the type of localized content that tends to perform better without getting bogged down with a multitude of account management tasks. And Kymera’s social media experts will develop a hashtag strategy for each of your locations and optimize posts to give them a better chance of engaging and converting.


Other social media tips for multilocation business owners:


  • Designate one person from your team to monitor engagement and respond to questions and comments.
  • Supplement local efforts with brand awareness campaigns to reach a wider audience.
  • Create and distribute a branding guide to all locations and train them on producing high-quality social media content.
  • Implement a policy for how to deal with any negative comments or feedback.
  • Regularly review analytics to determine what’s working and what’s not — and share that information with all locations.
  • Incentivize employees to contribute to your social media efforts.


We help multi-location businesses and franchises grow their digital footprint each and every day. We can provide you with a national strategy as well as local support. If you have a multi-location business, contact Kymera today to supercharge your social strategy.