Using Marketing and Lead Generation to Drive Sales

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We all desire immediate gratification, especially when it comes to marketing. It would be fantastic if a single tweet could make the orders start flowing in. Sadly, that’s rarely the case. Unlike sales, marketing is generally a long game where persistence and consistency pay off. But that’s not to say that marketing can’t move the needle in the short term too, especially when it comes to lead generation.


Marketing is all about attracting people to your brand. And when they’re the right people — those who have a need your products or services can fill — they can become leads. But they’re not yet ready to make a purchase. Depending on how far off they are, they’re called marketing qualified leads or sales qualified leads.


  • Marketing qualified leads (MQL). You’ve reached these people with your marketing, and they’ve engaged with your brand. But they may not be ready to buy … yet. However, once the marketing team vets and deems that lead a likely candidate for becoming a customer, MLQs are ready to transfer to your sales team for lead nurturing. That’s why sales and marketing must be aligned as to what they consider an MQL.


  • Sales qualified leads (SQL). The sales team takes marketing qualified leads and begins their lead nurturing process to further direct them through the sales funnel. Once the sales team qualifies an MQL as a potential customer, that lead is referred to as an SQL — this is a “warmer” lead and more likely to convert.


Both digital and traditional marketing strategies can help generate leads for your business.


Google Ads. Pay-per-click advertising, especially when it targets more specific, long-tail keywords, can help identify leads with greater purchasing intent. Kymera can perform keyword research, set up and manage your PPC campaigns. With targeted PPC, you can get instant traffic to your website. We can also create dedicated landing pages for your PPC ads designed to boost conversions.


Email marketing. Don’t let warm leads turn cold by not corresponding with them regularly. Maintain your connection with a well-timed cadence of email communications. Offer deals at just the right time and educate readers about your products and services. Kymera can manage your email list and keep your customers’ inboxes full of helpful advice and tempting offers.


Direct mail. Combine old school with new by implementing a modern direct mail campaign. We can target your list with pinpoint accuracy and design an effective mailer that’s trackable with a QR code that leads directly to your landing page — or a dedicated phone number — so you can split test and see exactly what’s working.


Social media marketing and ads. Social media has evolved from a fun place to hang out online to a top revenue driver. We can help you cultivate a community on social media, manage your campaigns and leverage your online presence to help drive sales. Use social to promote your blog, host surveys or run contests to gather sign-up information or generate leads for your sales funnel.


Gated content. When a visitor is willing to provide information to access content specific to your product or services, that’s an indication that they may be a good prospect. We can create e-books and whitepapers to tap your prospects’ interest and then follow up with a well-timed drip campaign to convert those leads into sales.


Support Your Sales Team with Omnichannel Marketing


An omnichannel marketing strategy can not only help you build valuable brand awareness, but it can also help fill your sales funnel with leads for your business. Kymera can develop, implement and manage a comprehensive marketing strategy that’s aligned with — and designed to — support your sales efforts. Call us today for a free marketing consultation to help drive your next sale.