Creating Connection with Content

If you’re using content as a one-way megaphone just telling people to buy out your inventory, then you could be making a costly mistake. One of the most common marketing missteps we observe is companies talking exclusively about themselves on their blog or social media channels. Content is a more effective brand-building tool when it fosters a two-way dialog between your business and existing — and future — customers. But how can you use content to create that kind of connection?


Know your audience. First, understand who exactly it is you’re trying to reach. Find out as much as you can about the characteristics, attitudes and interests of your customers by analyzing demographic and psychographic data. If you’re like most businesses, your products and services appeal to more than one type of person. Develop personas for all of these groups — and tailor specific messaging to each.


Ask questions. Learn what’s on your customers’ minds by asking. What problems do they struggle with? Which features do they get the most use out of? How does your product make their lives easier or better? What improvements would they suggest? You might learn that your product is useful in a way that’s entirely different from its original intent. Asking questions not only helps you serve customers better, but it can also give you insight into new markets and avenues of product development.


Create a community. Ideally, you don’t just want your customers communicating with you — you want them talking to each other. Create an online space where customers can share thoughts, ideas and experiences. You can do this in a number of ways, such as through a Facebook event or social media contest.


Be generous with content. Offer advice, tips and content that’s educational or entertaining as it’s this type of material that’s more likely to generate higher levels of engagement. Engagement is less likely with more promotional content. Not that there’s anything wrong with a promotional post from time to time, but just be sure to include content across the spectrum on your channels.


Make your brand stand for something. These days, consumers don’t just want to like the products they purchase — they also want to know what the brand or business stands for. Pick a cause that’s related to what you do — or who you are — and encourage your online community to get involved and help. It’s a lot easier to build community around a common cause. If you’re a paint contractor, consider supporting an organization like Habitat for Humanity. If you’re a restaurant, contribute to a food bank. Or, if you’re a clothing retailer, raise funds for a homeless shelter.


Connecting with customers is the first step toward building loyal relationships. Only after you’ve established a strong relationship with a consumer will they become a brand advocate. Like all relationships, building connections online takes time. Kymera can help you forge connections that turn prospects into customers and customers into brand advocates. Connect with us today to start a conversation about your business.