Get Rolling With Fleet Vehicle Advertising

According to recent research from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, Americans spent 70 billion hours behind the wheel in 2016-2017. And each American drove an average of 11,498 miles during that time. As a business owner, are you leveraging this potentially valuable source of brand exposure? You may have thought that billboards were the best advertising medium to reach drivers and passengers. But you might be surprised to learn that vehicle wraps are proven to be a more memorable and cost-effective way to market on the road.

A car wrap is a digitally printed vinyl advertisement that seamlessly adheres to your vehicle (don’t worry — it’s removable). You can choose a full or partial design that includes graphics, logos, artwork and your brand colors. The film is transparent from inside the vehicle and can last approximately three to five years, depending on the specific product used. Vehicle wraps are eye-catching and have many advantages over more traditional forms of advertising:

Low cost per impression. Fleet vehicle advertising can give a big bang for your advertising buck. According to Perception Research, consumers pay 2.5 times more attention to mobile advertising than to static billboards or ads. The latest study by ARD Ventures found that one wrapped vehicle can generate 30,000 to 70,000 impressions daily, depending on how much it’s driven.

Local brand recognition. Your company vehicle or fleet will generally travel through the same communities, day after day. If your vehicles are wrapped and easily recognizable, your brand presence will become increasingly familiar to local consumers. Repetition is key in marketing, and fleet vehicle advertising delivers big in that regard.

High memorability. According to research from RYP & Becker Group, fleet vehicle ads have a 97% recall rate. And 96% of vehicle wrap viewers agreed that this form of advertising had a greater impact on them than billboards. With endless graphic design possibilities, you can catch the attention of viewers in a memorable way with a clever tag line or bold color scheme.

Broader demographic reach. When you run an ad in a magazine or newspaper, you’ll only reach the readership for that specific publication, which can restrict your audience by age, gender, income range or other factors. However, with fleet vehicle wraps, your audience expands to anyone on the road. Whether it’s driving on highways or through neighborhoods, your vehicle is visible across multiple demographics — to anyone in a car or on the street when a fleet vehicle is parked nearby — for greater potential reach and effectiveness.

Fleet damage protection. Not only can a vehicle wrap gain exposure for your brand, but it can also help protect your company car or truck. The vinyl film helps preserve the surface underneath and can prevent wear and tear from small road debris — helping to maintain the integrity of the paint finish.

Here are a few tips if you’re just getting started with fleet vehicle advertising. First, include a dedicated phone number or landing page on the vehicle wrap so that you can track your results. Second, be sure to review all relevant local and state regulations before installation to ensure your wrap is in compliance. Finally, be creative with your design, but also use messaging and pricing that will remain consistent over the long term. Because while vehicle wraps aren’t permanent, you don’t want to have to change them out prematurely either.

Are you ready to get rolling with fleet vehicle advertising? Kymera can help you from design to installation whether you’re looking to wrap a single vehicle or an entire fleet. Call us today at 407-330-6245.