How to Make Customers Fall in Love With Your Brand

There’s more to marketing than communicating features and benefits. The most effective marketing, be it traditional or digital, creates an emotional connection between you and your customer. Successful, widely recognized campaigns accomplish this. Whether it’s the inspiration of the Nike athlete, the nostalgic longing associated with a 1950s-era Coca-Cola  bottle or the heartfelt, family-friendly appeal of Disney entertainment, emotions can inspire people to act and bypass the need for more rational arguments to buy.


So, we ask this Valentine’s Day, how can you make customers fall in love with your brand?


  1. Use Evocative Imagery
    It may be a cliché, but it’s true — a picture is worth a thousand words. It’s especially true when it comes to conveying emotion. The images you select for your marketing campaign can help customers connect with you on a deep emotional level. Think carefully about the mood you want to create and make sure your photography is consistent with that feeling. Whether your pictures feel more professionally produced or have a more candid attitude, always use subject matter and people that are relatable to your target demographic(s).


  1. Use Color Effectively
    You can use color to support the mood you’re trying to convey in your marketing efforts. Red can help generate excitement, while blue can express a feeling of calmness and serenity. Yellow feels upbeat and optimistic. Orange is energetic and spunky. Black can connote a feeling of power and authority, whereas white can convey purity and aspiration. While color is always interpreted contextually, it can be a powerful branding tool for creating emotional resonance.


  1. Tell a Story
    A good story has emotional impact. It draws the audience in with a compelling narrative and memorable takeaway message. Make your customer — not yourself — the center of the story. Let them be the hero — show how you can help them overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. Illustrate the pride and satisfaction they’ll feel when they do so. Use storytelling to show your audience the ideal they aspire to achieve — and can achieve — with your help.


  1. Encourage Engagement
    If you want to make an emotional connection, try to actually connect with your customers by giving them the opportunity to share their stories and communicate directly with you. This is where social media marketing can really give you a leg up. It’s more difficult to feel emotionally connected to a brand you can’t interact with. Select the social media channels that are most appropriate for your type of business and participate consistently. It’s especially important to respond to users’ comments, whether positive or negative. Use social media to support, encourage, entertain and connect emotionally with your customers.


  1. Be Authentic
    Be true to your brand identity and authentic in your customer communications. Don’t ever try to position your brand to be something it isn’t. It’s perfectly fine to be off-beat, irreverent or whimsical if that’s who you are — better that than trying to convey a serious “corporate” image if that doesn’t reflect your brand personality or corporate culture. Express a true brand voice. This is not to say that you should communicate with customers in an unfiltered manner. It just means that you should always be true to yourself when doing so. It will be harder for customers to connect with you emotionally if you’re not above-board and genuine with them. If you make a mistake, be honest and sincere in your communications about it.


If you’re ready to make a love connection — with your customerscontact us today. We’ve helped brands large and small feel the love, and we’d love to help you too.


Happy Valentine’s Day from Kymera.