How Marketing Can Help Recruit Top Employees

How Marketing Can Help Recruit Top Employees

At the beginning of every summer, hundreds of thousands of students graduate from college and enter the workforce. To prospective employers, these numbers can sound promising, but the reality of hiring top candidates is much more difficult than holding a few interviews. Many business owners think marketing is only useful for attracting new clients, but did you know that marketing is an important tool in recruiting the best possible candidates for jobs in an organization? Kymera has partnered with major franchises and organizations to help them recruit top talent. Not only will a marketing campaign help lower your hiring costs, but it will keep your job pool full and provide insights to your business you may have otherwise overlooked.


Target the Right Candidates


It’s presumed that recent graduates will use sites like and Indeed to find a job. These platforms allow candidates to post their resumes and apply for multiple positions at once. Recent graduates may limit themselves to these platforms, however. Using a strong marketing campaign on platforms such as LinkedIn can also help you target your ideal candidate based on location, degree, or even by the school they attended. Running a sponsored ad on Indeed will also help you find your ideal candidate, as promoted posts are seen more frequently and appear at the top of search results.


Direct mail can also be a useful tool in finding top candidates for any position. By targeting recent graduates in a certain zip code, by age, or other factors, your company can create a personalized piece of direct mail marketing that will encourage the potential employee to learn more about your company and apply for a role within it.


Making your company more visible to potential employees will cast a wider net on who applies for positions, allowing you to recruit the best candidates for any role.

Target the right candidates

Success Story: Hand & Stone Massage


When Kymera first partnered with Hand and Stone Massage, they had less than two dozen locations. To assist franchise growth, Kymera developed an omnichannel campaign to hire new massage therapists. The campaign was multi-faceted and consisted of direct mail marketing, social media marketing, job board posting management, and other forms of Internet marketing.


By targeting massage therapists within a certain radius of each location, Kymera was able to successfully help Hand & Stone Massage find new therapists quickly and efficiently. Kymera also launched a national campaign, which funnels down into location targeted direct mail and digital campaigns. This visibility has established Hand & Stone Massage as a desirable place of employment for potential candidates and has made the hiring process easier for owners while allowing them to be more selective.


A well-designed marketing campaign is not only a great way to attract new customers, but it’s a great way to find new employees. There are hundreds of different ways to target and select potential candidates, which will make your talent pool larger and ensure you never have trouble finding the perfect candidate for a position within your organization again. If you’re ready to create a marketing campaign to attract top talent and make your hiring process easier, contact Kymera today.