Keeping in Touch in Touchless Times

COVID-19 has cut off businesses from many face-to-face client interactions. Some retailers remain closed, while others struggle with distancing, sanitation rules and wary customers. Businesses centering on in-person meetings have had to make do with teleconferences.

Technology and creativity can make up for some of those lost interpersonal moments, and Kymera is using old, new and outside-the-box ideas to help clients survive and thrive.


Get Creative to Stay Connected

Kymera has developed a marketing campaign to help consultancies, including counselors, lawyers, financial advisors and accountants, stay connected. This is done by sending targeted direct mail to prospects offering a free short introductory consultation through Zoom. We’ve found this to be an effective tool for turning leads into new clients.

“Getting creative is key to achieving good results,” says Jennifer Rankin, Kymera account executive. “For example, a restaurant that had been holding wine-tasting dinners pre-COVID turned their affairs into virtual events. Using direct mail and email, they sold tickets. The food and wine were delivered to each guest beforehand, and a Zoom meetup was scheduled so diners could join in from home.”

“I participated in a virtual beer tasting,” adds Brittany Nethers, Kymera digital manager.  “The beer was delivered ahead of time, then we all joined a Zoom meeting with the brewmaster. That’s the kind of creativity you need right now. Start looking more deeply at your customers and relationships. Look at things from the client’s point of view instead of yours. And don’t be afraid to be unconventional in your approach; many people want to be entertained and challenged.”


The 1-2-3 Punch

In this new climate, a time-tested tactic — direct mail marketing — is enjoying a resurgence. It’s effective and particularly potent when used in combination with newer tech like email and text messaging.

“People want to feel connected,” says Kymera Owner Bob Heid. “They’re staying home more, and they like getting personalized direct mail addressed to them. I’ve heard some say that only folks ‘of a certain age’ read direct mail. But research shows that’s simply not true. We integrate direct mail with email and text in targeted drip campaigns. They complement each other nicely, and we’ve seen great results across demographics of all ages.”

“Several clients have asked us to integrate text messaging and web with direct mail, and that’s working well, too,” Nethers says. “Maybe there’s an upcoming event, and you want to let them know when tickets will be available. We can put a short URL or a text link in the direct mail piece and get them to opt in to text messaging, allowing you to follow up with emails and texts.”

Coordinating direct mail, email and text works best when paired with great creative and customer incentives.

“Create something special rather than an ordinary postcard — a memorable direct mailer that reflects the unique culture of the business,” Rankin says. “Use that in tandem with email, which is a good way to keep communication frequent — perhaps through a newsletter or by offering coupon promotions. This kind of coordinated campaign can be extremely effective.”


Calling in the Pros

“If you’re struggling with maintaining relationships and growing your customer base,” Rankin continues, “it helps to work with a professional. Kymera has a broad base of clients, so we see what does and doesn’t work across a spectrum of businesses. It’s great when, as we’re talking with a business owner, the lightbulb goes off, and they say, ‘I didn’t know you could do that!’”

Kymera has a wide range of marketing options that can help maintain, improve and expand your personal relationships with customers despite the pandemic-imposed difficulties. Contact us to discuss your needs today.