Make it Personal: How to Reach New Customers with Omnichannel

pMake it Personal: How to Reach New Customers with Omnichannel

Successful marketing campaigns have many assets, but they all have one common goal: increased conversions. Converting a potential buyer to a loyal one can happen in many ways, such as brand saturation, and value incentives, but it’s been proven buyers will do business with brands and companies they feel personally aligned with. When most people think of omnichannel marketing, they envision a broad, all-encompassing approach to getting a company’s name out in the market. While an omnichannel strategy does cover all arenas – it does not have to be a broad, generalized method. Kymera has over 20 years of omnichannel experience, and our technology and data-driven approach to strategic campaigns allows us to target your ideal buyer and put your brand in front of them in the areas they will see it most.


Social Media & Segmentation


Over 4.95 billion people use some form of social media every day. With those numbers, it would be easy to assume that advertising your brand on social media may be the best way to reach all buyers. Brand recognition is always a good thing – but it may not be the best way to get actual conversions. Instead of maximizing your budget on a massive social media campaign, targeting your ideal buyer will help increase conversions while keeping your cost low.


How is this done? Kymera researches your product and gets to know your target audience. We learn who they are, where they shop and how they shop. We then utilize this data to determine the best social media platforms to place your brand on. By selecting a segmented audience by interest, location, or age range, you can maximize your reach and your budget to actual buyers. You no longer need to cast the wide net and hope to catch a small few fish- you can use the spear to target the big ones. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube all have different user demographics, and by studying them, you can effectively segment your campaign to a targeted audience.


Email Personalization


Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective forms of lead nurturing. A plus is that email marketing gets less expensive per send as your email list grows. The one drawback of email marketing is the sheer volume of it being done by companies. Think about your own inbox – how many promotional emails do you get daily and delete without reading? In order to stand apart from competitors, companies can utilize personalization to help buyers feel more connected to the brand. Personalized emails have an 11% higher open rate than non-personalized emails, and have a 27% higher click-through rate.


Email personalization can be done many ways. Simply adding a recipients name to a subject line will help personalize your email marketing and help you increase your open rate. Implementing a PURL, or a personalized URL for the recipient to access will lead them to a personalized landing page designed to target their specific interests and buying habits. Not only can you target a buyer by the last time they shopped, but you can personalize the landing pages to the type of goods or services they are interested in.


Direct Mail Personalization


Long gone are the days of sending out generic fliers and postcards. Direct mail can target potential buyers by neighborhood, income demographic, or even recent purchase history. Personalized mailers can also be created by implementing QR codes that lead to a PURL. This Personalized URL will lead to a landing page, that you can use to collect contact information and provide a personalized experience.


Kymera has been leading the way in direct mail and omnichannel marketing for over 20 years. Our data-driven approach helps find your target customers and place your advertising where they will see it. Personalized experiences help buyers feel more aligned with your brand. If you’re looking to personalize your marketing to reach your target buyer and increase your conversions, contact Kymera today.


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