Renew Your Brand in 2021

You’re cleaning out the garage, oiling the exercise bike and purging the cupboards of junk food. The new year is all about renewal. While you’re getting on the right track with your health and home, dust off your brand to see if it might need a little attention as well.

Your brand is the cornerstone of your business identity, making your products and services memorable, interesting and desirable to prospective customers. It conveys the attitude and personality of your company. And consistent branding across your website, signage and marketing collateral makes you look professional and trustworthy. It’s your first impression to attract new business, so it’s important to get it right.

Has your branding remained relevant while market conditions have changed? Is it still relatable to your target audience? Has your customer base shifted since the pandemic began? Is your brand easily recognizable, and does it set you apart from the competition? Answers to questions like these will help determine whether your brand needs a little refresh — or a complete makeover.

But refreshing your brand doesn’t necessarily mean scrapping your logo and starting from scratch. Many times, all that’s needed is some minor restyling. If you do make any updates, ensure that your branding guide reflects those changes.

Evaluate your brand beyond its visual identity. Review all your messaging, including taglines, web content, direct mail and social media marketing. You may find that entirely different people are purchasing your products or services — or the same people are purchasing them for different reasons.

Focus on the problems that your current and potential customers are facing right now and how your brand can provide a solution. If your brand provides a strong value, time savings, a unique experience, better service or flexible payment options, keep that messaging front and center. Make sure your value proposition makes sense in the current social and economic climate.

Kymera has a comprehensive tool kit to help companies build better brands. Our team of marketing specialists can:

  • Build or revamp websites
  • Produce and rework logos
  • Craft brand messaging
  • Create and install vehicle wraps
  • Sync business directories
  • Design and produce signage
  • Deploy integrated digital marketing campaigns


2020 is changing everything in terms of how we live, work, shop and consume information. With these challenges come unique opportunities for businesses that can reposition themselves — especially their digital marketing efforts.

We have the resources you need to make a successful pivot to digital through our web developers, graphic artists, social media specialists and content producers. We can help you collect online reviews, sync your business directory listings, launch email marketing campaigns, enhance your mobile experience and supercharge your SEO and e-commerce efforts.

Contact us today to give your brand a leg up on the competition in 2021.


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