How to Create an Effective Content Calendar

When it comes to content, planning is key. It’s hard to implement an effective strategy or produce your best work winging it week to week or month to month. That’s why it’s critical to always work within a well–organized content calendar. How far out you keep your calendar is up to you. However, because business priorities can shift significantly over the course of a year, it doesn’t always make too much sense to maintain a highly detailed calendar 6 to 12 months in advance. But having at least three months’ worth of topics at any given time can be useful for many companies.

There are many available tools that can be used to create a content calendar. You can use collaboration software, a simple spreadsheet or whatever method works best for you and your team. If multiple people need to coordinate in order to produce content, it can be useful to utilize a tool with collaboration features or cloud storage.

More important than the format, however, is the information you include in your calendar. Your content calendar should tie directly into your marketing strategy. As such, the topics should reflect your sales priorities, your customer personas and the entire buyer’s journey. You also have to decide the format of the pieces, whether they’re long-form articles, short posts, slideshows, videos, infographics or online quizzes.


Supercharge Your Calendar for Added Benefits

If you really want to kick it up a notch, then schedule your post–production promotion steps – such as boosted posts, e-blasts or influencer collaboration in your content calendar. Many companies spend far too little time promoting the work they’ve invested their time and resources to create. And this can mean the difference between a lackluster content marketing campaign and one that creates major results for your business.

Besides reducing the stress of content production, creating an effective content calendar can offer benefits like:


  • Greater consistency: Increased efficiency means you’re more likely to post on schedule and not miss important deadlines.
  • Balanced company messaging: Ensures important topics are covered regularly from month to month and across the year.
  • Encouraging collaboration: Allows more people to weigh in and contribute to your business’s content marketing efforts.
  • Easier results tracking: Enhances analysis capabilities when a calendar uses performance- and engagement-tracking tools.


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