Don’t Let Your Wrap Turn Into a Wreck

When you’re ready to harness the advertising power of fleet vehicle wraps for your business, it’s important to focus on proper design and expert installation. If you’re a “Modern Family” fan, you may have seen the episode where Phil Dunphy wraps the family van to advertise his real estate services. In true Phil fashion, he doesn’t pay particular attention to the details. Between improper placement and poorly developed messaging, his wife is forced to drive around in a wrapped van insinuating the family provides a different type of “service.” The lesson here: Don’t be a Phil Dunphy! Review these potential vehicle wrap pitfalls to ensure you’re getting the right message across.

Ignoring door handles, bumpers, and contours. Pay attention to crevices and other obstacles when designing your wrap. Small changes in the surface can distort important messaging and details if not taken into consideration during the design process.

Less-than-expert installation. It’s important to use a reputable installation company. A vehicle wrap with bubbles, peeling, or poor trimming can present your brand in an unflattering light.

Small text and unclear focus. You can’t design your wrap like a magazine ad and expect it to be legible on an automobile, van or truck. Your vehicle may be moving quickly when someone views your wrap, so clear, easy-to-read text is a must have.

Vague call-to-action. When you create your call to action for your vehicle wrap, make sure it’s precise and readable by passers-by. Your phone number or website should be in a large font, and your intention, such as “call us” or “visit our website” should be crystal clear.

Too much information. If your company offers several different services, you may not want to list everything on your vehicle. Too much text on a vehicle wrap can be overwhelming and can busy up your design. Keep it simple with the minimum amount of words that explain what your company does and the value you provide.

Neglecting the roof. An all-encompassing vehicle wrap is usually the way to go if you want your vehicle to look professional. And don’t forget about the roof, especially if your vehicle will be travelling among multi-story buildings where it can get the attention of eyes looking down.

Too few images. There’s a reason it’s said a picture is worth a thousand words: A photo of a playful pup will catch drivers’ attention faster than the name of your pet grooming business. Visual branding with graphics, color and images will make your vehicle recognizable and more memorable. Just make sure that the text and contact information are still legible at highway speed and from a distance.

With the design and installation experts at Kymera, you can rest assured that your vehicle wrap will be top-notch. Looking for a hassle-free experience from start to finish? Contact us today.