Pivot to Digital: The Future Is Now

The COVID-19 crisis underscores the necessity for every business to have a robust digital footprint. Things we thought would remain largely IRL (in real life) have gone decidedly digital, whether it’s picking out produce or finding a life partner. Industry source Supermarket News reported online grocery sales were projected to increase 40% this year, and Tinder reported three billion (yes, billion) profile “swipes” on a single day, May 29.


Kymera can help you compete in this increasingly digitized marketplace. Your business is unique. You know that — and we know it too. So, we don’t offer pre-packaged, one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, we take the time to understand your business and then make recommendations based on your strengths, needs, strategy and budget. We advise clients on how to move from wherever they are to the next level, and we provide the services that can get them there faster.


For most businesses, a great website is its core digital asset. While Kymera can take a web build from inception — helping figure out the audience and strategy — through development and launch, we’re often asked to improve the performance of existing sites. Our analysts can review your website stats, match your site visitors to a profile of likely customers and recommend how to attract, engage and convert more potential buyers.


If you’re still finding your way in the digital realm, we recommend that you at least establish an account on every social platform. You don’t have to post regularly, but register your preferred name so it’s available to you if you decide to use it. Then pick one platform and stick with it until you master it: Build out your profile, post on a schedule, get results, gain followers and integrate it into your workflow. Select your platform based on your industry. If you’re a business consultant, LinkedIn is a good fit; a restaurant might choose Facebook, Instagram or TripAdvisor.


Email is still a powerful medium for many of our customers, and we’re very experienced in understanding who your best potential customers are, providing high-quality lists and designing email campaigns that convert. Businesses can and do create their own email campaigns, but there are pitfalls. If your emails don’t have a professional design, it can make your business look less than professional. If you buy a list, don’t just upload it to MailChimp and hit send. That could cause major blowback, and your URL could be blacklisted.


Online reviews and reputation management are also critical. Many businesses could do a much better job of soliciting and managing reviews. Kymera has proprietary software that aggregates YELP/Google reviews on your website. We can also take customer data from many CRM/POS systems, send a text or email to recent customers asking whether they had a positive experience and then follow up. If they report a good experience, we ask for a review; if not, we can pass them back to you to put things right before they post a damaging, negative comment.


There’s no one magic bullet that will hit your digital marketing target every time: Not SEO, not YouTube and not Facebook. Kymera can help you assess your digital presence and make decisions about the best way to strengthen your business online. Contact us today for a free digital marketing consultation.


URL – Uniform Resource Locator, also known as your domain name
SEO – Search Engine Optimization
CRM – Customer Relationship Management
POS – Point of Sale