A Time for Giving: Customer-focused Marketing

A Time for Giving: Customer-focused Marketing

As 2022 winds to a close, it’s the perfect time to strategize about how you can use your marketing to give back to the customers who’ve given so much to you. Here are a few generous, consumer-centric strategies you can use this holiday season — and all year long — to show appreciation for your peeps while also cultivating new and profitable relationships.


Give Your Expertise

Distribute content of value to customers for free. This can be in the form of a video, podcast, e-book, PDF download or infographic. If people learn from — or simply enjoy — your content, then you’ve likely earned their trust, respect and appreciation, and potentially a shot at earning their business.


Give Your Attention

Communicating with customers and prospects shouldn’t be a one-way street. Stay engaged year-round by responding to comments, posts and private messages in a timely and professional manner. Take special care when replying to negative feedback — but always reply. You have an opportunity to improve your level of service and demonstrate your commitment to customers. You want people to know that you’re listening, you care and you respect their opinion — favorable or not. Even a simple “We heard you. Here’s what we’re doing to improve…” can go a long way. Kymera can equip your business with an efficient, automated review system. Our online reputation management program encourages positive reviews while bringing issues to your attention so you can work with customers to resolve the situation and help maintain positive relationships.


Give Customers a Voice

Incorporating user-generated content into your digital strategy is not only great for your social media marketing and SEO, but it also gives your customers a platform that many will appreciate. Everything from Facebook contests to testimonials to surveys and interactive events is an inclusive and generous way to engage with your community while promoting your business at the same time.


Give a Gift — and Give Back

Show your customers that you value them with special discounts or a loyalty program that rewards repeat purchases. After all, everyone enjoys a little holiday gift. They’ll feel more connected when you show them — not just tell them — how much their patronage means to you. Supporting a favorite charity during the holidays is something many customers will admire.


Give Consumers More Choices

With omnichannel marketing, you can offer clients an efficient and positive experience across multiple platforms. This can mean making your products and services available through their desktop, social media, email, physical mail, mobile and more. No matter where they are in the buyer’s journey, customers and prospects will be able to click, chat, call or connect whenever and however they’d like. Offering a higher level of convenience and flexibility improves the customer experience and increases your chances of converting leads into sales.


At Kymera, we’re thankful to all our clients who continue to entrust us with their marketing efforts. We never take your trust for granted. From our designers to our developers, content producers and print specialists, we appreciate having the opportunity to give our best efforts to help your business succeed. We wish you and your families a happy and healthy holiday — and a prosperous New Year.