Restaurant Menus: Dining Goes Digital

Making the jump from print to digital is part science and part art. Some industries rapidly made the transition, such as magazines, newspapers, and e-books, but others, like restaurants, have had the luxury of moving a little slower — until now. Holding a paper, plastic or leather-bound menu in a restaurant is a time-honored tradition. And physical menus have been an important part of how a restaurant conveys its brand.


Why Not Use Disposable or Laminated Menus?

Two words: money and safety. Disposable menus can cost your business a fortune over time in printing fees, especially if you print in color. Not to mention the environmental impact. Sure, you can laminate paper menus, but then your employees have to properly sanitize each one after every use. You’re left paying more for still-rare sanitizing products — and continue to replace lost or damaged menus.


Don’t Do This

We’ve seen some restaurants attempt to convert their paper menu into a more permanent cleanable fixture by adhering it to the tabletop under layers of clear tape. While this might sound like a good idea in theory, going this route can quickly lead to an unintentional health hazard.

The edges of the tape can easily trap germs, dust, spilled beverages and just about anything else you can think of. In a very short time, your taped menu becomes a veritable petri dish — the opposite of your sanitation goals. If you really want to reach your existing customers and attract new ones, then digital is your answer.


Kymera Delivers on Digital Dining

With help from the marketing pros at Kymera, your restaurant can make the switch to digital seamlessly, while keeping integral parts of your branding and customer experience intact. We’ll help you create a digital-friendly menu for Door Dash, Uber Eats and other local or national delivery services.

The more exposure that you have on popular delivery apps, the more attention your restaurant will get, especially as those positive ratings and reviews start rolling in. Plus, digital menus on easy to read video boards can help enhance the customer experience, especially when they display tempting photos of menu options.

Another great resource to leverage your new digital menu is Live Beacon, a small transmitter that sends content to mobile devices up to 30 meters (about 100 feet) away. If a customer is within this radius and looking for a place to eat, Live Beacon will use geotargeting technology to send your menu directly to them.

No matter which digital platform you choose for your business, Kymera can help set you up and spread the word via promotional digital signage. And we can further support your online presence with expert SEO, social media and PPC advertising. We can help your restaurant cook up a recipe for success in an increasingly digital world. Call us today to get started.




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