Omnichannel Opportunities for B2Bs

Omnichannel Opportunities for B2Bs

Omnichannel marketing isn’t just for B2Cs. It can also be a powerful tool to incorporate into your B2B strategy to boost your company’s visibility to the business clients you’re looking to attract. Here are five ways to lean into an omnichannel strategy and increase your B2B brand’s reach.


Leverage LinkedIn. From articles, newsletters, white papers and infographics to video and audio content, LinkedIn has a variety of opportunities for omnichannel outreach. Moreover, the platform offers targeted ad placements based on job title, company name or industry. Through the LinkedIn Audience Network, you can extend your sponsored ads to reach millions of professionals across multiple touch points and increase your chances of being noticed across the 63 million decision-makers on LinkedIn.


Modern direct mail. The average response rate on direct mail is 4.4%, compared to 0.12% for email.  Use targeted direct mail to bring your products and services to the doorsteps and mailrooms of business customers in your area — or anywhere across the U.S. Seal the deal with a QR code that links to a well-designed landing page that features product demos, testimonials, webinar links, case studies and phone tracking to monitor results. Kymera can help you every step of the way, from procuring your mailing list and designing and delivering attention-grabbing mailers to developing landing pages and tracking conversions.


Lead magnets. Demonstrate your industry knowledge and thought leadership by offering a professionally written downloadable white paper to grow your B2B email list. Unlike social media content, your email list is one of the few marketing assets you fully own and can control. Also, responding to email is a daily necessity for most businesses, so use your list to nurture leads with effective drip marketing campaigns. Our email marketing experts can design campaigns, craft emails and autoresponders, split test subject lines and open rates — and track your conversions.


Webinars/live events. Omnichannel marketing isn’t limited to digital outreach. Live and virtual live events via webinar platforms like Zoom or Adobe Connect can bring impressive results IRL. Host a B2B seminar to educate prospects about a hot topic in their industry — and demonstrate how your products and services can provide value and help them build their businesses.


Lead nurturing and tracking. It’s critical to know what’s landing and what’s not when implementing an omnichannel strategy. We’ll perform a comprehensive audit of your current strategy and look for opportunities for improvement and ways to reach even more prospects. We can use phone tracking, as well as PPC conversion and Google Analytics, to direct your efforts to lead generation tactics that deliver the highest ROI.


Strategies for Every Step of the Buyer’s Journey


Omnichannel marketing is, above all else, customer-centric. And that holds true whether your target customer is a person or another business. After all, it’s ultimately an employee who will decide whether to purchase your goods or services. Using an omnichannel approach allows you to connect with key decision-makers, wherever they are in the sales funnel.


From brand awareness to lead nurturing to conversion tracking, Kymera can help you every step of the way. We have expertise in web development, content marketing, social media, direct mail, print advertising, graphic design and video production to implement a comprehensive omnichannel strategy. Contact us today for your free B2B marketing consultation.