Is Direct Mail Right For My Business?

Snail mail may seem like it sounds — slow and not too exciting. But with the right marketing strategy, direct mail can actually speed up sales and bolster your bottom line. The Data & Marketing Association indicated that in 2016, the response rates for direct mail went up a whopping over 40% relative to the year prior. Moreover, the prospect response rate increased almost two-fold (190%).1 Now that’s exciting! 

If you’re surprised, you’re not alone: Even many marketers are. There’s proof that direct mail works, so the only question left to answer is this: Is it right for you? If you answer yes to any of the following, then you should consider adding this option to your marketing strategy pronto.


    • Do you want high return on investment (ROI) for your marketing efforts?2 Direct mail has a median ROI of 29%, putting the ROI third behind email and social media marketing (and social media only beats it out by one percentage point.)


    • Do you sell to a targeted audience? Direct mail can be highly specific to the audience that you’re trying to reach by using its age range, household size, income and many more factors. As long as you have a targeted demographic, you can use direct mail highly selectively.


    • Do you want to track the results of your campaigns? It’s easy to add a  (CTA) using trackable phone numbers and landing pages that record the amount of traffic each piece of marketing collateral gets. With this information, you can easily see how well your demographics respond to phone CTAs vs. website CTAs and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.


    • Do you want to stand out to consumers? Everyone is familiar with digital marketing. In fact, it’s expected from businesses of every size and specialty. But direct mail is less common these days, and fewer businesses put in the effort even though the data shows that this avenue is still highly effective. With fewer marketers sending mail, your mailer has a better chance of being noticed and remembered — so put a good effort into every direct mail piece that you send.


    • Do you want to personalize your communications? Receiving mail (other than bills — yuck) is very rare, and 57% of people said that receiving mail makes them feel valued.3 You’re already winning with a marketing approach that stands out; now you can cater the message to key demographics and personalize your offers. Consumers want to feel special and heard, and a personalized note is a great way to gain some trust early on.


Did you answer yes to one, two or all of the above? Most businesses do, which is why direct mail should be a part of every marketing campaign strategy — and Kymera can help you get there. Kymera is one of only 117 Certified Full Service Seamless Acceptance Mail Service Providers in the United States, and we can help you leverage direct mail to your advantage. Contact us today, and we’ll turn snails to sales in no time with targeted direct mail.



1, 2, 3 Neil Patel, “13 Reasons Why Direct Mail Isn’t Dead”, (Sept. 17, 2017)