Increase Your Fundraising With Marketing: How to Grow Your Nonprofit and Charitable Organization

How to Grow Your Nonprofit and Charitable Organization

Nonprofit and charitable organizations are an interesting niche.  They require marketing like all for profit organizations do, but often run with fewer employees and smaller profit margins than typical businesses models.  While some may think allocating funds to marketing may seem counterintuitive, it is the only sure way to continue growing your donor base and creating a solid plan for your organization.  Effective marketing for your nonprofit will increase your ROI and make any initial investment worthwhile.  Partnering with an agency like Kymera, who pride ourselves in our success with marketing non profit organizations, will make all of your campaigns successful.

Largest amount of charitable donations in the US came from individuals

Why Is Nonprofit Marketing Important?


A sustainable nonprofit business model, much like a for profit business, relies on a steady growth plan.  Good marketing will help you increase your reach and target the right people to grow your donor base.  With an omnichannel marketing plan, you can find the best way to reach your target donor base within your budget.


How to Market Your Non Profit


While for profit companies sell goods or services, your organization utilizes the donations you receive to contribute back to those in need.  This should seem like reason alone to entice donors to contribute, but often, the nonprofit landscape can seem overwhelming for donors to choose where to donate to.  An effective strategy will allow you to define your target donors and reach them.


Effective Messaging


A nonprofit is still a brand, and a brand strategy is the first step in creating who your nonprofit is, and how to message people to appeal to their emotions and convert them into loyal donors.  Assuming your nonprofit has a clear mission statement, Kymera can create a brand kit that makes you recognizable and memorable with your audience.  Utilizing consistent messaging across all platforms you choose to market through will not only create awareness, but will help potential donors become aligned with your cause and feel connected to it.




The concept of “word of mouth” advertising has become nearly obsolete.  With the saturation of charities and nonprofits in today’s world, being able to effectively target who your ideal audience is will create an effective campaign as opposed to casting a wide net and hoping a few people bite.  With Kymera’s cutting edge targeting technology and data-driven approach, you can narrow down who you want to market to before producing any marketing materials.  For example, if your nonprofit serves animals, let us find data for people with pets or who have volunteered at shelters or with animal rescue organizations.  Once we have that knowledge, we can specifically target them.


Various Campaign Channels


Raising money for a charitable donation is much more than hosting an annual event.  Utilizing various methods of fundraising awareness will expand your reach.  Sending targeted direct mailers with the goal of growing awareness will help potential donors feel more personally connected to your cause.  Coupling your direct mailers with a digital strategy, such as a personalized URL or a QR code that will link them to your website or a donation page, is an even better strategy because it allows tracking of conversions for campaign adjustments down the line.


Social media is a highly effective way to grow your donor audience.  Utilizing Facebook, the social media platform with the largest user base, will exponentially increase the number of views your brand’s campaigns will have.  If your organization is local, even better!  Facebook segmentation allows us to target users by everything from zip code to even their neighborhood.


LinkedIn is also a great tool for finding potential donors or business partners.  By making connections with business owners who would be interested in both the tax write off and the feel-good aspect of making charitable donations, you’ll be able to gain donors, as well as event sponsors.


Displaying your good works and nonprofit success on platforms such as Instagram is another effective way of giving your donors peace of mind their funds went to a great cause.  Utilizing all of these platforms is the effective way to market your nonprofit and personally connect with your target audience.


Ready to Market?


Implementing a strong marketing strategy for your nonprofit or fundraiser will not only grow awareness for your organization overall, but will attract potential donors and help everyone feel more emotionally connected to your brand. With widespread awareness, your organization will also likely gain more volunteers interested in helping your cause.  Marketing may seem like an initial expense, but it is actually an investment in your organization that will create a constant growth strategy to allow you to continue your work for years to come.  If you’re ready to grow your donor base and raise awareness of your organization, contact Kymera today.  Let’s get to work.