5 Direct Mail Tips to Ramp up Your Response Rate

With the right strategy, direct mail can greatly increase your brand visibility and achieve a response rate of roughly 10-20 times that of email.1 Here are five tips you can start using today to get a bigger bang out of your direct mail marketing buck.


  1. Find your target. Put your direct mail in the hands of people who are more likely to use or benefit from your business. You can save money and time, enjoy a higher conversion rate, and increase your ROI with laser-focused targeting. Customers willingly give information like spending habits, income, and hobbies to businesses through surveys or reviews. Armed with this information, you can “bucket” customers based on variables like homeownership, pets, spending habits and hobbies.2 And once you identify your buckets, you can target direct mail directly into them.
  2. Make an offer they can’t refuse. Most consumers love scoring a deal, and offering one is a great way to entice them to try a new product or service. In your direct mail, include a limited-time or limited-quantity offer or another incentive to tempt new customers. Consider offering special pricing, percentage-off discounts, free samples, BOGOs, bonuses with purchase, or trial memberships.
  3. Use strong, clear messaging. Your headline and call to action should stand out clearly on the mailer, and all product information should be easy to read — use bullets or boxes to draw attention. When talking about your product or service, make it clear what’s in it for them by focusing on benefits instead of features. Show customers how your company can solve a problem for them.
  4. Go big. Choose a size for your mailers that will stand out. Hubspot found that oversized envelopes had the highest response rate, followed by postcards, dimensional mailings and catalogs.5 Size matters and helps ensure that your efforts won’t go unnoticed in that sea of mail piled on the kitchen counter.
  5. Think even bigger. To reap the greatest rewards, integrate your direct mail into a broader digital marketing strategy. For example, you can include a scannable QR code that sends recipients to a dedicated, trackable landing page on your website.


Turn snail mail into solid sales. Contact Kymera today. We can help you strengthen your direct mail strategy, improve your response rate, and bolster your bottom line.





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