Quick Tips for Better Results with Direct Mail

According to MailChimp, Direct mail tends to have a significantly higher response rate than email marketing. Direct mail is interactive, memorable and tangible — and it generally faces much less competition than digital advertising. So give direct mail a look if you haven’t used it before (or in a while). If you do, here are some quick tips to get the most out of your next campaign.

Split test. Also called AB testing, this process allows you to try out different versions of your promotions to see what’s most effective. By using this method consistently, you can continually review and refine your messaging to achieve a better outcome.

Track your results. If you don’t do this, split testing can’t really help you. You need a way to track responses to your direct mail campaign with either a dedicated landing page or phone number. Direct mail is an iterative process with incremental improvement — but you have to track your mailings first.

Don’t rely on spell check. Typos and errors can look unprofessional and lead to lost business. Most word processors have a spell check tool, but they won’t catch the times where you type “honey” instead of “money.” Professional proofreading is relatively inexpensive and can catch embarrassing mistakes before it’s too late.

Time your delivery. Try to deliver your mailings midweek (Tuesday through Thursday) before the distraction of the weekend. Avoid holidays (unless they’re specific to your promotion) and anticipate your own organization’s busy times of the year.

Target your mailing. Sending direct mail to the wrong customer is a waste of time and money. If your business provides a product or service almost any person can use, targeting by carrier routes and zip codes can be effective. But if you want to target a specific clientele, it might be best to segment your list according to any relevant demographics such as age, gender, home ownership status and previous purchasing behavior.

Use compelling imagery. In the limited space mailings can accommodate, a picture may be worth the thousand words you don’t have space for. Use professional-quality product images or relevant stock photography you can license online.

Customize your message. You should tailor your campaign to each stage of the buyer’s journey from awareness to consideration to decision and beyond. Depending on the stage, you may want to provide information or present a limited-time offer. Have specific mailings geared toward getting your customers further along the sales funnel.

Have a clear call to action. Whether you’re offering a coupon toward a product purchase or want the recipient to visit your website (use a QR code to make this convenient for mobile users), make sure there’s a clear call to action with a compelling benefit to incentivize them for doing exactly what you want.

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