Harnessing Hearts: Marketing Strategies for Nonprofits

Harnessing Hearts: Marketing Strategies for Nonprofits

The holidays are a time when thoughts naturally turn to those in need. But in the season of giving, sometimes even the most charitable hearts require a gentle nudge to align their compassion with their credit cards. Digital marketing can generate fast results to help you reach your fundraising goals in no time — so don’t wait. Start supercharging your holiday charitable campaigns now with these proven nonprofit marketing strategies.


Pay per click. Pay per click (PPC) advertising allows you to only pay when your ad appears on search engine result pages (SERPs) or actually gets clicked. And with Google Ad Grants, your nonprofit could qualify for up to $10,000 per month in search ads shown on Use ads to increase awareness, raise money and solicit volunteers for your cause. Kymera’s PPC specialists can help you learn if you qualify.


While ad content and timing are crucial to your campaign’s success, a well-designed, strategic PPC landing page can be the difference between meeting your fundraising goals and coming up short. Here are a few things to incorporate into your landing page:

  • Showcase a clear and compelling CTA above the fold.
  • Use engaging and emotionally evocative videos and imagery to tell a story.
  • Optimize pages for mobile with lightning-fast load times.
  • Display trust indicators including accreditation badges, affiliations or partnerships.
  • Include testimonials, endorsements and other forms of social proof.
  • Provide transparency about how donations are used.


Social media. Marketing on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn can help you reach a broad demographic on a budget. With messaging that’s typically more casual and conversational, social media can facilitate relationship-building with your audience. Here are a few quick things that you can do to build interactions around your nonprofit:

  • Create short videos or infographics that give insights into your cause that can easily be shared across platforms.
  • Form a brand partnership with an online influencer to help promote your charitable campaign on their channels and reach an even larger audience.
  • Post a series of short “stories” with behind-the-scenes information about your charity. Show how donation dollars can make a meaningful difference.
  • Engage regularly with users on social platforms by posting updates, answering questions and responding to comments.


Email marketing. Year after year, email marketing offers one of the highest returns on investment, at around $36 for every $1 spent. It’s a great way to expand your donor database and gather information about those who support your cause. Your email list, when leveraged properly, can become a tremendous asset for your organization.


Digital direct mail. Nonprofits are a perfect application for digital direct mail, which combines the best of traditional and digital marketing tactics. Traditionally, organizations would send out letters with return envelopes, hoping to harvest checks — but with so many checkbooks gathering dust in desk drawers, you need to make it simple for donors to give. Send a compelling postcard with a QR code to a multimedia landing page that connects the customer with your cause and makes giving easy. Kymera can help you target your mailing list to select zip codes and income brackets that may be more likely to donate.


Pull Heartstrings Across Channels

Kymera can help create an omnichannel marketing strategy for your nonprofit to boost awareness and drive donations. Here are just a few of the charitable organizations we’ve been proud to support:


  • Edgewood Children’s Ranch: faith-based residential program assists at-risk youth ages 7-17.
  • Parent Heart Watch: dedicated to protecting youth from sudden cardiac arrest and preventable sudden cardiac death through educational and advocacy efforts.
  • Els for Autism: creates awareness, provides education and training, and delivers recreational programs, as well as independent living services, for those living with autism.


We look forward to helping your organization make a difference.