Kick Your Marketing Up a Notch with Multimedia Content

If you’ve gotten into a comfortable routine of posting weekly blogs to your website, that’s terrific. After all, consistency is key when it comes to marketing. But now that you’ve nailed down one content format, it’s time to consider whether you can deliver your message with more variety — and effectiveness — to even more potential customers.

It’s time to think about multimedia content.


Why Diversify? 

Sure, producing multimedia content requires some time, energy and money. But there are many potential benefits that can make your investment well worth the effort. Here are just three:


  1. Find a New Audience. Your customers and prospects likely have different preferences about what type of content they like to consume. While some may enjoy reading long-form articles, others may prefer watching a video or looking at an infographic to learn about your product or service.


  1. Add Marketing Channels. Producing content in a broad array of formats will give your brand more exposure and access to a wider audience. And, if you don’t produce content in certain formats, you may not connect with potential customers who, for example, tend to hang out on YouTube or Instagram rather than Facebook and Twitter.


  1. Streamline Your Message. If what your business offers is a bit more complex, like a SaaS product, an explainer video or infographic might convey its features and benefits in a more straightforward, easily digestible way than a lengthy white paper or blog. You might be thinking that it’s hard enough to come up with content ideas already and this is just going to make that process more difficult. But, if you do it right, it really doesn’t have to. Different types of multimedia content can support each other. You could distribute a press release to announce a new offering, publish a case study on your blog, host a video product demo on YouTube, post teaser video snippets on Instagram stories and share an infographic with your LinkedIn connections.


The Case for Video

HubSpot reported that video gave 87% of video marketers surveyed a positive ROI — up from 33% in 2015. Meanwhile, 84% found video to be an effective lead-generation tool, and nearly 80% of marketers said it had a positive impact on sales. The trend for adoption and engagement of video marketing continues to rise.


Putting It All Together — Multimedia Campaigns

Get the greatest bang for your buck by using multimedia content in integrated marketing campaigns. For example, if you sell cupcakes and have just developed a new chocolate bomb masterpiece, you could repurpose your mouth-watering Instagram photos into a slideshow on your keyword-optimized blog post to boost your SEO and improve your business’s visibility online. A YouTube video might show off your chocolate icing techniques, and a Facebook post can promote your chocolate bomb cupcakes to local parents or community sports teams.

Generating multimedia content allows you to improve your brand presence across a greater number of platforms. It can expand your reach and grow your bottom line. Kymera’s content specialist can create blogs, videos, infographics and more for your next marketing campaign. Contact us today for a free consultation.