Ready … Set … Launch!

Ready … Set … Launch!

Congrats! You’ve got an exciting new product in the works with oodles of sales potential. But what good is all that R&D if people don’t hear about how great it is? Here are five tips to help supercharge your next big product launch.


  1. House a Virtual Showcase. Create a website or landing page to feature your new offering, with engaging promotional copy and eye-popping visuals. You can include product or unboxing videos, FAQs and a behind-the-scenes sneak peek of how your product came to life. Kymera can design and build a stunning site that reflects your unique brand personality and help drive sales with an online review system to encourage satisfied customers to spread the word.


  1. Build Buzz on Social. Use popular social channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter to generate buzz well ahead of your go-to-market date. Keep the content bite-sized and easy for your audience to digest, then direct them to the website for more detailed information. Remember to track engagement on each piece of content and take note of any questions asked by prospects, to build future content. And keep in mind video can boost your social engagement. Let Kymera’s marketing experts help by producing social media video shorts to enhance your launch strategy and maximize reach to your target audience.


  1. Create Engaging Email Campaigns. Use a pre-launch drip campaign to build anticipation and keep customers informed about your product release. This can be a short, simple email series that gives the recipient more information about the features and benefits of your product. You can even offer early VIP access or a pre-launch discount. Post-launch, continue building your community with product updates, testimonials and exclusive promotions.


  1. Propel Sales With PPC. Pay-per-click (PPC) ads are a quick and easy way to increase the visibility of your offering. They can be low-cost, effective and generally yield a good ROI. Be sure your PPC landing page clearly conveys the product or service’s value, has visual appeal and includes a strong call to action. Address customer pain points, highlight benefits, answer questions and overcome any obstacles to purchase, such as including a satisfaction guarantee, financing options and a clearly stated return policy.


  1. Deliver It to Their Doorstep. Direct mail literally puts your message in the hands of prospective customers that you can target based on demographics, geography and other factors. A majority (72%) of Gen Z say they look forward to direct mail, while 71% of Gen X say that direct mail is more personal. Its tangible appeal can help capture recipients’ attention and increase engagement with your product or service, especially if you add some personalization and creative touches, like a scratch-off discount or a QR code to a product demo video or landing page.


Kymera can help you launch your new product or service with a new (or updated) website, attention-grabbing PR, PPC landing pages, e-blasts to prospects and customers, social media campaigns and targeted direct mail. We’ll help you build excitement and anticipation to get your next product launch off the ground in spectacular style.