Service Franchise Marketing

Franchise Marketing

Franchise businesses fall into two broad camps: product (or retail) franchises, and service franchises, with fewer of the latter. So, if you have a service franchise, whether it’s a chiropractic practice, financial firm or home repair company, you have unique marketing needs — and you want to work with a specialist who understands them.


Hyperlocal marketing. If your franchise services customers in their homes (or they’re traveling to you), then hyperlocal marketing is exactly what your franchisees require to succeed. Local franchises need to be easily found when someone searches by region or neighborhood — or just for a location “near me.”


  • Local SEO: Google My Business is the cornerstone of local SEO, but it’s important that it’s set up and managed correctly. Kymera offers business directory syncing to ensure franchises are reliably and consistently returned for local searches.


  • Targeted PPC: Use Google Ads to generate instant local traffic to franchise websites. We can design, implement and manage geotargeted ad campaigns.


  • Social media advertising: Facebook and LinkedIn ads can target your franchise messaging to potential customers in local markets whether you’re a B2B or B2C service provider.


First impressions matter. Your service franchise likely provides a more personal customer experience than a retail franchise, so what people think of you will really count (for or against you). And that’s where reputation management comes into play. You want to collect reviews from the right customers — and Kymera can help. We’ll automatically reach out to customers to follow up on their experience. If it was positive, we’ll ask for a review and post it to the franchise website. Otherwise, we’ll redirect them so franchisees can personally work with them to maintain the relationship. Social listening can help you better understand customers’ needs and how your brand is being perceived and received. So, it’s also important to regularly monitor your brand mentions online.


Direct mail opportunities. Direct mail can help target your message with pinpoint accuracy to the neighborhoods and customers your franchise services. You can mail to specific zip codes or send mailers to homes above or below a certain sales price depending on whether you’re positioned as a luxury or value brand. Direct mail’s strong response rate, customer acquisition costs and return on investment can make it a powerful weapon in your franchise marketing arsenal.


Video marketing. Video content allows you to tell your brand story in a way that’s often more personal and relatable than other mediums. Express your brand personality — and your franchisees’ individual personalities — with professionally produced videos. High-quality video content is a fantastic way to connect on a deeper level with prospects, while creating brand awareness and answering customers’ frequently asked questions.


Thought leadership. If you’re a trade or service franchise, then knowledge and experience is a part of what you’re selling. But how can you best showcase that expertise? That’s where expertly crafted content comes into play. Kymera can write blogs on a variety of complex subjects, as well as produce infographics and videos to promote your offering.


Omnichannel strategies. Because you can probably only provide service to a limited number of customers each day, it’s important to find and nurture the right leads for your service franchise. And that’s where you need an integrated omnichannel marketing strategy that can find those prospects wherever they hang out online or IRL. Kymera will tailor a digital marketing strategy to fit your budget and business goals. And we use data analytics to boost the effectiveness of your campaigns.

As a corporate service franchisor, you need to grow your brand, while helping local franchisees dominate their local markets. It’s critical that you entrust your marketing efforts with a franchise marketing specialist like Kymera that offers a full gamut of digital and traditional marketing services and has experience with service franchises like yours.


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