Digital vs Print: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

If you’re an advertiser trying to get your message out to today’s consumers, it only seems natural that your first choice should be some form of digital media. Unfortunately, the same popularity that makes digital the obvious choice has created so much traffic that it’s increasingly difficult to get your message heard above the noise. How does today’s advertiser get heard? Surprisingly enough, it appears yesterday’s medium may be the best bet. Direct mail is re-emerging as the medium of choice for advertisers wanting to reach all levels of today’s consumers from Baby Boomers to Millennials.

Although it was thought to be dormant or even dead as an effective medium for several years, print is having a surprising increase in popularity. The key is to use print marketing effectively. According to Compu-Mail, a California based print and digital marketing firm, response rates for direct mail advertising have increased by 43% year to year. How can this be possible when the internet has become such an integral part of our society? By using highly targeted marketing you can be very successful in your direct mail campaign, if you know your target market and have the mailing resources to reach them.

The biggest difference between your grandfather’s direct mail and the mailings that are sent out today is combining them with digital intelligence.

  • 66% of consumers are more likely to use a coupon if they have a physical copy of it
  • 51% of consumers prefer when companies use a combination of mail and digital media when communicating with them
  • Direct mail pulls a 5X higher response per contact than digital media.


The bottom line, direct mail cuts through the clutter, gets attention and actually drives internet marketing. When you put a physical mail piece in front of your customer, it gives them a chance to collect and process more information, then pushes them to visit your website.

  • 85% of Millennials pay attention to direct mail advertising versus 50% for digital media
  • Print messaging is 21% easier to understand and process than digital messaging
  • Recall is 70% higher with print messaging versus digital


Three things to remember when you are creating your mailing pieces:

  • Be bold: your visuals are important! They are your first impression.
  • Always keep it simple: too much information will lose the audience’s interest.
  • Test and measure: your first shot might not be your best, but you’ll never know if you don’t track your results.


So, if you’re digital advertising is losing its flavor, try adding a little direct mail to spice up your results. Conversely, if you’re old school and your direct mail isn’t measuring up, don’t be afraid to add a dose of digital media to help it rise to the task! With 12 years in both direct mail and digital advertising, Kymera can guide you step-by-step through designing and executing an effective mixed media marketing campaign. Contact us to find out how.