Kymera Responds to the Supply Chain Challenge

From empty grocery store shelves to shipping delays, supply chain disruptions are affecting nearly every industry — including printing. In fact, parts and supply shortages are causing a dearth in both paper and equipment availability, creating a scarcity of products and delayed deliveries. Kymera is working diligently to address these problems and to provide our clients the best possible quality, pricing and scheduling available.


The Current Situation

Several factors have contributed to current global supply chain issues, but the most prominent cause is the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2020, the pandemic closed factories, furloughed workers and halted production worldwide, resulting in a mass shortage of goods and services. And we’re still feeling those impacts today.


The current situation is affecting all print shops. Major paper suppliers have numerous stocks on back order, causing shortages that extend even beyond printing. As you may have noticed, even everyday consumer goods, such as paper plates and cups, have also taken a hit. Because of this, many paper manufacturers are instituting limits, which are often reached by mid-month. And with only two paper supply companies in Orlando serving every printer in the area, supply remains low as demand surges.


In addition, many common printing supplies are difficult to procure. Toner, fuser oil and drums require frequent replacement, but many of these come from Chinese manufacturers and face shipping delays. Unfortunately, without these parts, printers can’t run. As a result, most print vendors have had to modify and increase pricing in light of the additional costs being passed down to them.


Moving Forward: Our Proactive Approach

Kymera is dedicated to providing the best possible outcomes for our clients, regardless of supply chain or other economic challenges. If our client’s preferred paper is not available, Kymera works to find the lowest-cost substitute of comparable quality. When our clients place a print job request, we immediately order the paper to help ensure it’s available on time. Kymera continues to explore additional supply options and alternative modes of fulfilment — including working with other area printers — to make sure every job is done professionally, on time and at a competitive cost.


Kymera Is on Your Side

Our commitment to superior customer service remains unchanged during this exceptionally challenging time. From direct mail to brochures to invitations and business cards, Kymera prints it all, and we work closely with our valued clients every day to make it happen. Contact us if you have any questions or want to schedule a complimentary consultation on your next print job.