How AI is Revolutionizing Marketing

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing how brands reach their target buyers.


Did you know that over $107 billion is in the global forecast for AI Marketing in 2025?  AI, short for Artificial Intelligence, is being integrated into many platforms across various industries. You have probably been using AI in your everyday life without even realizing it. Have you ever written an email and used the predictive text offered? Have you ever utilized spell check, or a thesaurus built into your word processor? That was AI at work.  


AI Integrations + Marketing = A Winning Combination


Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the way brands market. AI integrations are not both helpful in basic use cases such as spell check, and have become advanced enough to assist in smarter, more efficient automation. 

AI and Content Creation


Generative AI has been an important tool in asset creation for marketers.  Generative AI allows marketers to create effective copy and captivating images in less time than when previously done manually.  AI automation has become so intuitive and responsive that with the right inputs, marketers can streamline their content creation process and produce more work in less time.

How Does AI Use Affect Client Results?


Without the restrictions of time constraints and limited resources some advertising agencies can face, clients can expect more assets delivered in less time.  AI also allows marketers to produce targeted work for specific audiences with less “trial and error” that typically goes into most campaigns.   Artificial Intelligence can also offer a fresh perspective to campaigns.  

AI and Automation 


While AI is useful in content creation, the best use of Artificial Intelligence for marketers is content automation.  Integrating AI tools into email campaigns, for example, will allow businesses to reach their target audience nearly automatically.  An automated email campaign allows potential buyers to be reminded of items left in their carts or of sales a company is running.  Automated email campaigns can also bring back potential buyers who may not have been ready to purchase when they previously visited a client’s website.  

Automation is also a useful tool in review management and customer service.  Many businesses use a ChatBot on their website to answer questions visitors have.  Using automation in business reviews will allow business owners to deliver a response to non-descript and five-star reviews, which also helps increase Google My Business rankings.  Utilizing AI automation can help capture more buyers immediately.

AI and Data


The best use of artificial intelligence in marketing is arguably its versatility in data collection and analysis.  Artificial Intelligence is helping marketing agencies find the target buyers of their clients and market to them directly.  AI is now able to predict algorithms and user behavior like never before, which will lead to more conversions and higher profitability for clients who integrate AI into their marketing strategy.

Will Marketing Jobs For Humans Be a Thing of the Past?


Learn how Kymera is revolutionizing digital marketing with Artificial Intelligence


In short, the answer is no.  AI has many capabilities, but it still lacks the one piece of the puzzle that makes advertising campaigns perform: human creativity and the ability to appeal to buyers’ emotions. At present, Artificial Intelligence output is only as good a the input it receives; therefor, experienced marketers are still the best people for the job to tell AI what to create.  And while AI tools may be able to analyze data quickly, having an experienced advertising firm to interpret the data is necessary. Just like you use a computer to write emails, you still need to give them a proof read and apply a personal touch in order to get a response or make sure your words read correctly. AI marketing tools are just that; tools. Experts don’t see a decline in advertising and marketing jobs because of AI, nor do they predict businesses will rely less on agency-generated marketing efforts because of it.

Partnering with a company like Kymera, who stays at the forefront of technological integration, will help clients reap the benefits of AI with the personal touch of experienced marketers. If you’re ready to create campaigns that target your ideal buyer and use cutting edge technology to create a uniqu and memorable user experience, contact Kymera today. Let’s get to work.