Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About


No news may be good news to some, but most businesses and brands want to be talked about a lot — and in a good way. Effective marketing keeps your brand in the conversation and on everyone’s lips, or at least on their social feeds, in their mailboxes, and most importantly, on their minds. Here are a few of our favorite tactics to create the marketing buzz you’re looking for.


Tell a Story

What do you want people to know about your brand or business? What do you hope to achieve through your marketing (i.e., boost sales, onboard more customers, grow brand awareness, build leads)? Know who you are, how you want to be perceived and what your goals are from the get-go. Then, weave a consistent and compelling narrative across different mediums to draw interest while using keywords in your customers’ online queries. Stories are all about change — so a great focus of almost any brand storytelling is describing how your offering can improve and change customers’ lives.

Go Omnichannel

Leverage content by producing blogs, videos and social media that integrate and connect between platforms to address all stages of the customer journey. This is more than simply copying and pasting. Optimize your content in terms of the recommended best practices and specific audience of each platform. For example: Catch the eye of the typical younger adult Instagram user with visuals that grab attention on their own or as part of a well-designed feed.


Build Community

Your chance for conversions rises with each online interaction. Practice social listening by frequently checking your account activity and keeping track of how those in your target audience respond to campaigns, trends, and posts. Create new content based on what they tend to engage with the most. And remember, always reply promptly when someone reaches out via message or comments, especially when you’re promoting a contest, event, or giveaway.


Stop the Presses

Make your press release more attractive to journalists by including a unique angle to appeal to media outlets to increase its chances of getting picked up. Or switch up your approach — if your press release involves specific figures, analytics, etc., make it easier to digest by creating an infographic instead of just writing about your data. Not only are you putting the most important information front and center, but outlets may be drawn to your release because it stands out from others using more traditional, text-based formats.


Influence the Market

Get people talking about you by leveraging the power of influencers, especially micro-influencers. Micro-influencers (as opposed to macro- or mega-influencers) can have anywhere from 1,000 to 100,000 followers and often produce content within a more specific, specialized niche. And they generally have a more homogenous following that may map perfectly to your brand and message. Micro-influencers may also be seen as more relatable, allowing them to form a stronger relationship with their audience. Last but not least, they don’t tend to charge as much — but their followers can be just as active, attentive and influenced.


Anticipation … Make Them Wait

Get people excited about the launch of a new product, service or event by teasing sneak peeks, countdowns or games. By building interest early, you can gain new leads and have a better chance of high turnout that can ultimately help build your community, customer base and brand.


We’re all about the buzz at Kymera. Get in touch and let’s plan a campaign to get your brand humming.