5 Rules Of Social Media Marketing You Should Be Following

In the world of technology, marketing has taken a total 180 degree turn and has taken itself to the internet. Today, if you or your business lacks some sort of online presence, then you’re truly affecting room for extreme opportunity. The internet is not simply somewhere we gather our news, post our personal photos, and write our thoughts. The internet is a place where people connect with people and businesses.

There are numerous benefits that you can receive from simply having a social media presence. Primarily, you’ll be able to stay relevant in the daily lives of your consumers. They’ll receive the latest news, keep up to date with specials, and actively engage all while enjoying their experience online. Commercials and print advertisement demand halted attention to a brand/product, but you can seamlessly slide into your consumers lives day-in and day-out.

However, the algorithms and practices of social media for business purposes can be tricky. That’s why we’ve collected a few tips to get you started on your journey to social media guru.


In order to be successful, have you ever heard about the need to listen more and speak less? Well, the same concept applies to social media. Read your target’s online content and learn what’s important to them. Then, you can create content of value which catches your readers interest.


Be limited in the content that you create. Don’t try to post about too many topics. Instead, focus on what you know about most and/or the products/services you provide. This way people will also be sure of why they are connecting with you. 


Don’t get too caught up in the numbers. It’s very easy to fall into that pitfall of wanting more followers or page likes. However, it’s better to have 800 engaging followers, than 8,000 that disappear after connecting.


Nobody becomes a social media star overnight, so be determined and patient. You will likely hit some bumps across the road, but just keep learning and experimenting with your work. If something isn’t working, then change up your plan. But, never give up!


Be aware of the rule of compounding. If you publish quality content that people engage with and share with their own connections, then you have the opportunity to compound engagement. This goes along with “quality over quantity.” Your social media can open many doors in the internet world. Who knows? You could be the next viral hit!

Social media is a complex marketing element. Nevertheless, it is an imperative tool to use in today’s day and age. Keeping engaged with your audience is what puts certain companies above the rest!

If you’re not already using social media, then you need to be! Using tools such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more are gateways to tapping clientele you’ve never thought possible. And if you aren’t sure you’re cut out for the digital marketing process, then you can have experts do it for you at reasonable costs!

Whether you control social media yourself or have an online marketing team do it for you, just be sure you have an online presence and follow these rules!