How Blogging Can Boost Your SEO

SEO, a.k.a. Search Engine Optimization, refers to all the good practices that help search engines return your company’s website in response to user queries. One of the strongest tools in your SEO arsenal is adding a blog to your website. Here’s how a well-written blog can catapult your sight to the top of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs for short).

Changing your home and landing pages can be cumbersome, but updating a blog is easy by comparison and can keep your site fresh and relevant. Users want content that is up to date and useful right now, and an old post from three years ago is probably not going to do it for them. Google knows this, and that’s one of the reasons why the more frequently you update your site with good content, the more often Google will index it and make it more visible in search results over time.


Killing Your Keywords

Blogs can help your company target relevant keywords that potential customers will likely include in online searches. Crafting articles that naturally include keywords and phrases associated with them (known as latent semantic indexing keywords), can help give your site a boost in search engine rankings. When incorporating keywords into your blog posts, it can be particularly helpful to use them in titles, headings and the introduction. But always use them naturally and avoid keyword stuffing, which is a blatant overuse of keywords that can trigger an SEO penalty.


Lots of Links

High-quality blogs encourage backlinks. Other relevant websites linking to yours can help your SEO. And people are more likely to link to informative, well-written and timely pieces of content. It can be helpful to reach out to webmasters of related sites, show them how your content is likely to be of value to their audience and request a link back to your site. Posting a link to your blog on forums where readers interested in your subject matter tend to congregate can also be helpful.

Another type of link that can help your SEO are internal links, which are hyperlinks that bring visitors to other pages on your own website. These links help demonstrate to search engines the relevance of the subject matter and its potential value to readers. Using relevant keywords and phrases in the blog to serve as the “anchor text” of hyperlinks can also help boost SEO performance.


A Bevy of Benefits

In addition to boosting your SEO, blogging can help your business:

  • Establish trust, authority and thought leadership.
  • Keep readers returning to your website over and over again.
  • Build and engage a loyal audience.
  • Sell products and services.
  • Help with your social media marketing.
  • Grow your email marketing list.

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