Inbound Marketing Can Grow Your Business 24/7

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Most business owners are very familiar with typical outbound methods of generating leads, such as direct mail, advertising and email marketing. Inbound marketing — which pulls customers toward you instead of pushing out messaging — comprises a different set of tactics that can offer unique advantages. It’s also highly scalable for businesses of any size.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Inbound strategies may be a less-targeted tactic than outbound, but it can cast a wide net for acquiring new business. For example, a regularly updated blog that uses SEO keywords to place high on search engine results can host a regular influx of new visitors to improve your site’s online visibility. Use your platform to answer questions and help solve problems for potential customers rather than just talking about yourself. Your website and blog can become the hub for all of your marketing efforts. Take a well-performing blog topic and boost it on social media or create a video around it, which leads us to …


Videos and Podcasts. This type of content instantly creates a more personal connection with listeners and viewers. It can also help you expand your multichannel or omnichannel strategy and expose your business to different types of leads. There are many kinds of videos you can produce to attract customers, including explainer videos, product demos, client success stories, branding videos, behind-the-scenes material and much more. And you don’t need high-end video production skills to make content that moves the needle. Kymera can expertly edit your in-house videos and promote them on YouTube and social media.


Gated Content. Kymera will set up a professionally branded landing page with a downloadable e-book or infographic to generate leads for your business. Require visitors to submit their email so you can follow up, but don’t ask for too much personal information to increase the chance of conversions. Many forms include a default newsletter opt-in, but be sure to provide an opt-out option to avoid violating CAN-SPAM regulations. Your landing page can work to attract customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This strategy can be a highly time- and cost-efficient means of adding warm leads to your sales funnel. And you’re also positioning yourself as a thought leader and helpful resource to potential customers. Connect your landing page to your CRM to upload prospects into your sales funnel and database for lead nurturing. You can even direct visitors to your landing page using Google Ads or a QR code on a business card, sign or brochure.


Kymera can help you execute all of these tactics. Integrating inbound and outbound marketing strategies can give your business a leg up on the competition while boosting brand awareness every hour of every day. Call us for a complimentary consultation to learn how you can leverage the power of inbound marketing today.