7-Step Midyear Marketing Review

7-Step Midyear Marketing Review

We’ve reached the halfway point of 2023 (can you believe it?!) — nonetheless, it’s the perfect time to step back and re-evaluate your marketing strategy. By assessing which efforts are working and which might be falling short, you can better allocate your time and money to help maximize Q3-Q4 results. Ask yourself the following critical questions as part of a midyear marketing checkup.


  1. Are you on track to meet your sales and marketing targets?

Get a temperature check on your top KPIs, like customer acquisition costs, product sales, social media engagement, ROI and customer retention. Make note of where you’ve moved the needle and which goals may have yielded lackluster results — then adjust tactics or targets accordingly.


  1. What specific tactics are yielding the highest ROI?

Analyze your sales and marketing data to determine what channels are performing well, and identify areas of opportunity. This includes metrics such as organic website traffic and search engine rankings, paid traffic, social media engagement and conversion rates. Audit your channels to see where your audience engages with your brand the most. If it’s TikTok, for example, then rework your budget to include more videos and collaborations on the platform. This is also a great time to see what other new or existing channels are available that you haven’t tried before.


  1. Is your website up to date?

Six months is a long time in the marketing world, and it’s possible that your products, services and messaging may have changed. Review your website to find any outdated information and determine if specific service or landing pages are performing poorly. Can you add a few new testimonials to your site? Run a page load and broken link checker while you’re at it. Once you’ve revised your marketing strategy, be sure to update your website with fresh content, images and videos.


  1. What are your customers saying?

Read your customer reviews and feedback via social channels and on your website, and take the time to respond if you haven’t already. You may find areas of growth opportunity based on customer suggestions, like UI or product improvements.


  1. Are you connecting with your target audience?

You should know by now if you have a pulse on your key demographic. Look at your results with each market segment. If you haven’t had as much success or engagement as expected with a particular audience, then reevaluate messaging and update your audience and buyer personas as necessary.


  1. What are your competitors up to?

Stay one step ahead of the game by analyzing your primary competitors and seeing what resonates with their customer base. Are they doing anything new or different that might be stealing market share from your brand? If so, see if you can build on and improve their tactics — and then implement them for your own marketing strategy.


  1. Are any budget adjustments appropriate?

Can you increase your budget in areas where you’re seeing outsized results? Perhaps you want to up your Google Ads spend or increase the number of direct mailers for your next product promotion? You may want to allocate more resources to pumping out content on your blog or social channels if you’re seeing good results there.


Revamp, Refine and Reap the Rewards

During the assessment, you may find you’re exactly on track — and that’s fantastic. But you may also identify areas for improvement. If so, it’s time to pivot and make the necessary adjustments to help ensure a strong close to 2023. Contact Kymera today for a free midyear marketing assessment. We can help you take your marketing to the next level.