5 Strategies That’ll Drive Your Marketing, Literally

Change gears on your lead generation and bring your business straight to the customer with fleet vehicle marketing. It’s a great way to gain visibility and public interest, and with the right strategy, you can convert those leads into lifelong customers. Here are five key strategies to keep in mind when you decide to turn the key and market your business on the road.

    1. Turn your vehicles into a story. Each vehicle is an opportunity to tell the world about your business. Bring that story to life by creating individual themes or messaging points for each car, van, or truck while keeping the brand consistent and recognizable. This is a fantastic way to stay fresh and fun. Plus, it becomes easier to spot your company’s vehicles on the road.


    1. Rotate your marketing (and your tires). Whether you decide to wrap a small portion or the entire vehicle, you might want to keep one or more areas open for rotating messages. These areas can house car magnets or decals that are easy to add and remove as your messaging changes. One good way to do this is by designating an area on each side of the vehicle so new promotions are visible from every angle.


    1. Find prime parking. You know your target audience, which means that you know a little bit about their general lifestyle. Drive to where they like to shop, eat, relax, and purchase similar items or services to yours — then park it. This will allow more people to see your business as they come and go. It’s easy for them to take pictures of your phone number, website, or QR code, and you’re more likely to grab the attention of someone who wants what you’re advertising.


    1. Make it about the customer. It doesn’t matter what product or service you’re selling; the only thing on your customer’s mind is, “What’s in it for me?” Give them a reason to engage with your business, like offering exclusive savings or coupon codes that can be found on your vehicles. For example, you could promote a contest to see how many vehicles they can spot with the winners receiving a free item along with a social media shout out. Now, you’ve taken your marketing from the streets to social platforms and to a whole new set of leads.


  1. Give them time to bite. According to the Online Marketing Institute1, it can take anywhere from 7 to 13+ touches to deliver a sales lead. This means that customers will interact with your business numerous times before they even consider buying what you’re selling. It’s important to keep your offers, products, and prices consistent long enough so that when your customer’s journey finally leads to a purchase, they’ll have the experience they were promised.


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