Father’s Day Campaigns That Made an Impact

Father’s Day Campaigns That Made an Impact

Father’s Day is a great time of year to remind your clients no matter what industry you’re in, you are still in the business of people. Marketing campaigns that appeal to buyer’s emotions will make them feel more connected with your business, which will keep you at the forefront of their minds when they make a purchase. Did you know that 76% of consumers would prefer to buy from a brand they feel emotionally connected to, even if the brand’s competitors offer a lower price? Father’s Day is a great opportunity to create a memorable marketing campaign that appeals to your buyer’s emotions. Here’s a list of our 5 favorite Father’s Day advertising campaigns from recent years.

  1. Cheerio’s: “How to Dad”

This Cheerio’s commercial was impactful and highlighted the various roles father’s play every day. Cheerio’s has worked to establish itself as a household name and a staple in every breakfast routine, so using a typical morning routine really drives that point home.


  1. McDonald’s Canada: “Da Da Da Da Da”

Consumers worldwide are familiar with McDonald’s catchy jingle, and the way they simply used it to give a subtle nod to fathers everywhere was simple and impactful. With the brand recognition McDonald’s already has, they were able to effectively market without ever having to tell the consumers to buy a specific item.

Father’s Day Campaigns That Made an Impact

  1. Gillette Razors: “Go Ask Dad”

Gillette reveals an impactful statistic at the beginning of this ad, created for Father’s Day 2017. Apparently, 94% of teens would rather run an internet search than turn to their fathers for the answers they need. Wanting to know everything from how to cook an egg to how they’ll know when they fall in love, the children shown in this commercial try to follow internet instructions with little success.

Things change significantly when the dads are brought into the room, and the young men are encouraged to get their fathers’ advice on the same questions. This really hit home for us, especially when considering that advice from the internet can only ever be generic while having your dad in front of you offers personalized answers based on your real-life actions.

One of the most interesting things about this commercial is that while shaving does feature, the brand’s message is not “Go buy more razors”. Rather, it ends on a single, poignant note: This Father’s Day, go ask Dad; and this simple message makes a really big impact.

  1. Publix

The grocery store chain is well known for their sentimental holiday commercials. This campaign simply shared a sweet message to all fathers while showcasing Publix goods without telling consumers directly to shop at Publix. Instead of advertising lower prices or specials, Publix’s campaign created an emotional bond with their audience, hoping they would recall various special meals made with goods from Publix.


  1. Dove Men: “#DearFutureDads”

Dove’s campaign was powerful for many reasons. The individual testimonials played into the emotional impact fathers have on everyone’s life, and it also advocated for paternity leave, which appealed to buyers’ interests and ideas.


Father’s Day, like all holidays, is a great chance to create a campaign that appeals to buyer’s emotions and leaves a lasting impact. Buyers who feel emotionally connected to your brand are more likely to purchase from you and become repeat customers. If you’re ready to create lasting campaigns that buyers will remember, contact Kymera today. Our data-driven, omnichannel marketing approach will put you at the top of buyer’s minds. Contact us today.