Marketing Resolutions You Need to Make and Keep in 2020

You’ve already counted down the ball drop, but here’s one more countdown that can actually help grow your business — and you won’t be left with a hangover after this one. To celebrate the New Year, here’s a countdown of 10 marketing resolutions you should make to help you achieve greater success in 2020.

  1. Be consistent, even if it means paring down.Rather than trying to have a presence on every marketing channel, it’s more important to be consistent and impactful at what you choose to do. In some cases, that might mean you’re better off limiting yourself to just a few social media platforms before adding more.


  1. Track your results and adjust your strategy accordingly.Start paying close attention to your data and analytics. Putting time or money into your marketing without tracking your results can waste valuable resources. Analyze your engagement — your click-through rates, time on site, and other metrics so you can start doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t.


  1. Learn more about your customer. Market segmentation is critically important. You have to know your customer, and quite often, your customer is not just one kind of person. Collect data on who exactly is purchasing which product or service, and then tailor your marketing efforts accordingly. You should have campaigns that focus on each customer persona — and across the entire buyer’s journey.


  1. Market beyond your bottom line. If you’re making a social impact through your business, by all means market that. And if you’re not, try to find a way to start. Whether you support the local high school volleyball team, donate a portion of your profits to charity, or employ sustainable business practices, your customers want to know how you’re making a difference in your community.


  1. Leverage video. As people watch more and more video content, don’t get left behind. You don’t necessarily need to produce professional, high production value video in order to participate in this growing trend: More informal, handheld, short–form pieces feel authentic and are great to share on social media.


  1. Get professional guidance. Don’t go it alone if you don’t have expertise: Bad marketing can be worse than no marketing at all if you harm your reputation. Engage a reputable agency to assist in your efforts. It’s all right to start with a more limited budget. As the marketing grows, so should your resources for additional help.


  1. Solicit reviews and testimonials. If you have a bevy of satisfied customers, then you’ve got bragging rights. So put them to good use. Be sure you have a mechanism in place to collect online reviews and ratings of your products and services. And should someone register a complaint, be sure to respond promptly and courteously to remedy the situation as soon as possible.


  1. Check your web accessibility. This is becoming more important as companies both large and small face court challenges when consumers believe their websites or apps are not fully accessible to disabled visitors. This is one area you can’t afford to ignore. You can read more about this issue in one of our previous posts.


  1. Improve your mobile experience. As more business is increasingly conducted online, it’s critical that your mobile site or app be seamless for online visitors. Online text should be easy to read and pared down for mobile viewing. Navigation should be clear, and pages should load quickly with active links for email and phone contacts.


  1. If you haven’t started marketing already … start.This could be the most important marketing resolution of all. If you’ve been waiting until “the time is right” to start marketing your business, that time is now. There’s a steep opportunity cost for delay in this critical area. While you’re not engaging potential customers, your competitors are.


Marketing is an iterative process. It requires you to jump in, monitor results, and hone your strategy as you go. Our marketing resolutions are a good place to start. But partnering with a skilled, professional agency can make an even bigger difference in your results. Kymera welcomes the opportunity to discuss your business and how to help it succeed.