Romance Franchisees with These Growth Strategies

Romance Franchisees with These Growth Strategies


Getting the attention of a potential franchisee is a bit like courting a new love interest – you have to show off all your best qualities. They have a lot of choices and are approached by many other suitors who’ll make big promises. Franchise Brokers can help by being matchmakers for your brand, but you can help them keep your name top of mind and win prospects’ hearts with these smart franchise growth strategies.


LinkedIn outreach. Generate connections from a pool of more than 722 million members through mass prospecting, targeting and personalization with LinkedIn outreach. Unlike Instagram and Facebook, LinkedIn members are on the platform to learn more about their industry, business, markets, and opportunities which means they’re more likely to hear out your value proposition. LinkedIn has 15 times more content impressions than job postings (around 9 billion impressions, total), so it doesn’t have to take long for your post to fall into the right prospect’s hands.


Hyper-local marketing. Targeting specific areas for growth? Take advantage of local markets to find prospective franchisees using search engine optimization, direct mail, and Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business). Update SEO on your website, and content on your emails, direct mail and landing pages with the specific cities, neighborhoods, or areas you’re targeting. Remember to also include location-based keywords in your Google Business Profile — this is how you can show up in “near me” searches.


Social media outreach. LinkedIn isn’t the only effective social outreach tool for franchisors. Platforms like Facebook, TikTok and Instagram can be great for not only getting the word out, but also reaching customers who may already be fans of your business — and may be more likely to become a franchisee.


Video marketing. Grab attention and get your message across quickly with short, easy-to-digest video content. For example, post YouTube videos about current sales and successes, feature franchisee testimonials and answer common FAQs. Video marketing can help move your prospects down the sales funnel.


Leverage franchisees. Your existing franchisees are your success stories, so use them as brand advocates on all platforms, including your website and videos. Franchisees will have even more street cred in prospects’ eyes than you do when it comes to touting the benefits of partnering with your franchise organization. And remember, nothing breeds success like success! The more successful your franchises, the more they’ll help bring in more franchisees by being brand evangelists. We can help your existing franchises be more successful as well, ask us how.


Press releases. Hit a business goal recently? Let the world know by distributing a press release when you achieve a significant milestone, such as new franchises in a given year, total sales, product launches and leadership announcements. Distribute a multimedia press release to stand out even more. Many distribution platforms offer advanced targeting options, including by industry and location.


When you’re looking to romance franchisees, Kymera can help your matchmakers find those forever connections. We offer a wide array of services for franchisors:


  • Website development.
  • Online advertising campaigns.
  • Targeted direct mail.
  • Business directory syncing.
  • Social media marketing.
  • Content and SEO.
  • Video marketing.
  • Review systems and reputation management.
  • Signage and print collateral for conferences and events.
  • Lead tracking and management.


Kymera can help take your regional franchise national with full marketing and website support. We’ll evaluate your current franchise growth strategy and look for opportunities to increase performance and ROI. We can establish brand standards and refine your corporate positioning. Our franchise marketing team can develop specific messaging and programs to promote your recruitment efforts.


Together, Kymera can help you convince prospects to swipe right on your franchise organization.