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Many don’t realize how much goes into a successful direct mail marketing program. Everything is strategized, including the layout, design, objective, and target audience. All of these factors will have an influence on your results, and we’re here to demonstrate how.

Why Direct Mail Works

We Have the Experience

At Kymera, we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer satisfaction. From “step one” to “done,” we exhibit our 17 years of experience through quality and professionalism, delivering a finished product which meets or exceeds expectations.


List selection is the most important factor driving your results. While you are always welcome to use your own client list, we specialize in finding and targeting data to provide a mailing list that targets your ideal customer. We then run the list through our software to remove duplicates, update the addresses of people who have moved, and ensure the accuracy of each address.


You never get a second chance at a first impression. From formatting a single piece to launching a full direct mail marketing campaign, we strive to provide meaningful content with a clear message. Our tools and experience promote customer engagement and help you stay on budget.


We are dedicated to performance and success, and an engaging design is just the beginning. Kymera’s team of experts uses in-house resources and our partnerships with top-talented businesses to maximize your return and deliver a product you can be proud of.


Whether you’re target-specific or have saturation in mind, Kymera uses the most comprehensive lists and accurate technology available. You can trust in our ability to provide personalized marketing strategies and ensure you get the best ROI.


There is no longer a need to use your address as a seed to guess when others are receiving your mailer. Instead, our services include the ability to track and trace your mailers so you know exactly which mailers were delivered on which dates to which recipients.

Millennials respond to Direct Mail

It’s easy to assume that Millennials don’t enjoy anything that isn’t on a screen. But the data shows otherwise:

Source: USPS Report 2017


Kymera is well-versed in the various types of direct mail marketing strategies. We have extensive experience providing top-quality results, which are based upon your unique circumstance. Take a look at the different ways direct mail can deliver your message:


Mail to Specific Households and Demographics

Rather than making a blanket statement, Targeted direct mail aims directly at specific demographics. Tell us your objective, and we’ll strategize the most results-driven Targeted mail campaign for you.

  • Demographic-specific Mailing List
  • Custom Marketing Strategy
  • Personalized Design & Unlimited Adjustments
  • Project Printing
  • In-House Certification from the USPS
  • Delivery Assurance


Mail to the Majority of an Area

A saturation mail campaign allows you to send zone-specific bulk mail. Once you’ve decided where you’d like to target, we’ll use this service to spread your message throughout the chosen area.

  • Area-specific Mailing List
  • Custom Marketing Strategy
  • Personalized Design & Unlimited Adjustments
  • Project Printing
  • Payment Options Available
  • In-House Certification from the USPS
  • Delivery Assurance


The “Do It Yourself” of Direct Mail

If you’re a business which prefers to do the direct mailing on your own, we can help you. Two services can accomplish your objective: EDDM® Ready-To-Go™ and EDDM® Print-Only.

  • Personalized Design
  • Project Printing
  • Mail Your Project, On Your Time
  • Mailing Zone Evaluation with EDDM® Ready-To-Go™
  • Bundling & Paperwork with EDDM® Ready-To-Go™

The USPS offers special services and rates for the following types of organizations:

We will gladly walk you through the process to secure these benefits.

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