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Yes, It’s Time to Jump Start Your Holiday Marketing

You haven’t even pulled a sweater out this year — could it already be time to think about your holiday marketing? You betcha! In fact, you almost can’t start too soon. And if you don’t start now, you may find that you either can’t run the campaigns you want or you may have to pay more to rush the work. When it comes to holiday marketing, there are a few things that should go straight to the top of Santa’s list:


Direct mail campaigns. It takes time to design, target and distribute direct mail. This is not a project you want to rush. Ensure that you have sufficient time to plan out your copy, make changes on designs and layouts and get opinions from other members on your team. Definitely don’t leave this project to the last minute. In fact, now is the perfect time to start your direct-mail holiday campaign.


Holiday printing. Whether it’s holiday cards, calendars or end-of-year mailings, any print product takes time to design and produce. And you must compete with many, many other companies for a place in the queue. Holiday time is always crunch time, so don’t assume your agency (or printer) can squeeze you in like they might have been able to earlier in the year.


Nonprofit donations. If you’re a nonprofit organization, you know that the end of the year is one of the best times to solicit donations for your worthy cause. And there’s a real benefit to getting your message out ahead of other NPOs. After all, you’re all competing for a limited pool of charitable dollars. Charities often offer promotional products to help entice donors, and these too need time to create. Kymera can help with all your non-profit marketing and printing needs, but it’s important to plan ahead. Get started now.


Web and social promotions. Digital marketing certainly holds an advantage when it comes to tight holiday timelines. But what if you want to set up a dedicated landing page for your pay-per-click or social media advertising campaign? That’s not a quicky project. Even if you’re going digital, put time on your side so that you can have a fully operationalized digital media marketing and advertising plan in place to ensure your content is posted at the optimal times to achieve the best possible results.


But what if I’m too late?


Happy New Year! If you get to the point where you realize it’s just too late or not cost-effective to get your message out ahead of the big holidays, consider timing your campaign to New Year instead. There are a number of advantages to this approach. You won’t have to compete with so many businesses, and your message is more likely to stand out to potential customers who are likely in a more receptive mood after a few days of food and rest.


Lean into Digital. If you’re in a time crunch, digital marketing gives you a little more flexibility. Send out a holiday newsletter instead of a paper card, update your website with your Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza/Winter Solstice offers and use social media to guide visitors to it.


We ho ho hope you’ll consider trusting Kymera with all your holiday marketing and messaging needs — and start soon if you want to be on Santa’s extra–nice client list.