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Web Design

Web Design: It All Starts Here.

Your website must inspire people to act and be easy to find. A beautiful website alone won't do the trick. Good web design isn’t just about pretty. It’s your starting point for success.

Wisdom Through Experience

Our process


What you do and why you do it. Who you are and what that means to your clients. We lead discussions on you, your products and services, the markets you serve, your brand, your strengths and weaknesses, and your competition.


What do you want your site to accomplish? What will your prospects be looking for when they visit? It’s all about them, remember? What do you want prospects to do once they’re there? What is your optimal customer journey? Is eCommerce involved?


This is the website plan, a list of all the topics and subtopics, what content is needed and in what order. This is where you map out your customer journey through your site, including home pages, sub-pages, landing pages, and information flow. What will inspire your target audience to make the next step in your digital sales process?

04Graphical Design

You only get one chance, and a few seconds, to make a first impression. This is true of not only your home page, but also your designated landing pages, and every page on your site. Start with the home page to establish the look and feel for the site, and then optimize that design for landing pages and sub-pages, keeping in mind the customer journey, not just through the site, but on every page they touch.


Once the design for first few pages is approved, programming can begin. We start with the homepage and then templates for the landing pages and sub-pages. Programming of interactive pages such as shopping carts, portals and contact forms begins on a parallel path. ADA Compliance is a key part of design implementation throughout the programming process.


Critical to the future performance of the site, content must be compelling, but succinct. Content needs to impart knowledge without being too technical or verbose. Content is where “on-page SEO” is created. Incorporating keywords and phrases in the right places with the correct frequency will make or break the “findability” of your site.


Starting with basic functionality, every page, link and form is put through its paces on numerous browsers, tested and tweaked. Client involvement is critical at this stage. Later, when site traffic is growing, A/B testing to optimize content and design can begin.


After final testing and client approvals, it’s time for the site to go live, where it’s thoroughly tested again on different browsers to ensure functionality. Site analytics are engaged and tested, as is ADA functionality. Never launch your site on Friday.


Like all good tools, websites need to be maintained. Upgrades and updates to the CMS and its plugins, feature testing, and full-site backups are all basic services. Uptime monitoring and security are also key features standard with Kymera, that are often overlooked by others.

Some of Our Work

ADA and CAG Compliance


Kymera partners with the industry leader in digital accessibility, eSSENTIAL Accessibility. This partnership allows us to provide seamless digital accessibility solutions that include:

Testing & Evaluation

eSSENTIAL Accessibility combines software with smart human audits to conduct automated, technical, and functional tests on your site and identify barriers faced by people with disabilities, as per WCAG 2.1 Level A and AA success criteria


The in-depth analysis of issues found on your site allow Kymera to make the changes needed for your site to be compliant.

Ongoing Support

Staying up-to-date with accessibility guidelines, especially when adding to or changing your website, is a must.

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