Make it Personal: How to Target Omnichannel Campaigns

p Successful marketing campaigns have many assets, but they all have one common goal: increased conversions. Converting a potential buyer to a loyal one can happen in many ways, such as brand saturation, and value incentives, but it’s been proven buyers will do business with brands and companies they feel personally aligned with. When most […]

Tick Tock, the Clock is Running Out on Influencer Marketing

We hear daily how interest rates are rising, the cost of goods continues to increase, and the economy is on a downward spiral. All of these notions can be daunting for any business owner and can be cause for concern and budget reassessment. If you’re a business owner looking to increase your margins, cutting your […]

Break These 3 Bad Marketing Habits Now

The start of a new year is a great time to break bad habits and create positive resolutions that set you up for success. For business owners, this means reassessing strategies and identifying key areas for improvement. Here are three bad marketing habits you should aim to break straight out of the gate in the […]

12 Months of Omnichannel Marketing

From social media and email marketing to pay-per-click advertising and more — when used together, omnichannel strategies can ignite your marketing efforts year-round. Infuse campaigns with creativity and maximize your reach by elevating your marketing game across these 12 key areas.   January: Jump-start social channels. Set the tone for a prosperous new year by […]

The Nightmare Before Conversion

Beware … those who neglect customer experience may find their marketing efforts doomed to the graveyard of unconverted prospects! Like optimizing your trick-or-treat route for maximum candy potential, your upfront omnichannel strategy will determine whether you bring home a bag of full-size peanut butter cups — or a sack of apples. Boost your ROI through […]

Pump up Your Marketing ROI — With Print!

In a world dominated by screens and scrolling, it may come as a surprise that the potency of print still packs a powerful punch. Of course, digital marketing plays a huge role in today’s brand awareness and advertising campaigns, but print continues to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression. Physical marketing assets, for example, […]

Omnichannel Holiday Marketing

In a string of “different” holiday seasons, 2022 is keeping pace with an unpredictable trend where it seems the only thing retailers can count on is continued change. Marked by record inflation, recession fears, global conflict, ongoing supply chain issues and a pandemic that won’t go away, shoppers are contending with many challenges and distractions. […]

Omnichannel Marketing for Franchises

Omnichannel marketing is more than taking your content and spreading it out across as many platforms as possible. While that may broadly qualify as multichannel marketing, omnichannel is much richer and more complex. It’s messaging that’s tailored to your market segments and deployed strategically along each stage of the buyer’s journey.   Marketing for franchises, […]