Father’s Day Campaigns That Made an Impact

Father’s Day is a great time of year to remind your clients no matter what industry you’re in, you are still in the business of people. Marketing campaigns that appeal to buyer’s emotions will make them feel more connected with your business, which will keep you at the forefront of their minds when they make […]

How Marketing Can Help Recruit Top Employees

At the beginning of every summer, hundreds of thousands of students graduate from college and enter the workforce. To prospective employers, these numbers can sound promising, but the reality of hiring top candidates is much more difficult than holding a few interviews. Many business owners think marketing is only useful for attracting new clients, but […]

How Do you Know if your Direct Mail Marketing Was Actually Sent?

Kymera has been in the direct mail, or “performance marketing” business, for over 20 years, and we have heard this question a couple of times: “How do I know you even mailed my job?” Someone usually asks this when they give us something to mail, but didn’t come to us for help with targeting, messaging, […]

Break These 3 Bad Marketing Habits Now

The start of a new year is a great time to break bad habits and create positive resolutions that set you up for success. For business owners, this means reassessing strategies and identifying key areas for improvement. Here are three bad marketing habits you should aim to break straight out of the gate in the […]

Your Franchise 2024 Growth Plan

Succeeding in the franchise universe is a bit like tending to a garden — it demands lots of attention, patience and proper feeding. Whether you’re a franchisor juggling multiple locations or a local operator connecting with your neighborhood, every detail carries the potential to cultivate business and blossom into new opportunities. So where should you […]

12 Months of Omnichannel Marketing

From social media and email marketing to pay-per-click advertising and more — when used together, omnichannel strategies can ignite your marketing efforts year-round. Infuse campaigns with creativity and maximize your reach by elevating your marketing game across these 12 key areas.   January: Jump-start social channels. Set the tone for a prosperous new year by […]

Supercharge Your Site

A website is never really finished — or at least it shouldn’t be, as web technology and your business goals change. But with the right strategy up front, you can set yourself up for success by making it more effective and easier to expand, update and manage in the future. Take it from Kymera’s Senior […]

Harnessing Hearts: Marketing Strategies for Nonprofits

The holidays are a time when thoughts naturally turn to those in need. But in the season of giving, sometimes even the most charitable hearts require a gentle nudge to align their compassion with their credit cards. Digital marketing can generate fast results to help you reach your fundraising goals in no time — so […]

Add These Marketing Initiatives to Your Q1 Budget

The end of the year is rapidly approaching, which means that you’re probably about to finalize your 2024 budget plan. Now is the perfect time to pause, reflect and evaluate your marketing results and the customer feedback you received this year — because this is your chance to take your sales and advertising tactics to […]

The Nightmare Before Conversion

Beware … those who neglect customer experience may find their marketing efforts doomed to the graveyard of unconverted prospects! Like optimizing your trick-or-treat route for maximum candy potential, your upfront omnichannel strategy will determine whether you bring home a bag of full-size peanut butter cups — or a sack of apples. Boost your ROI through […]