Power up Your PPC Campaign With Performance-driven Landing Pages

Bypassing the casual internet shopper, PPC ads are designed to attract those who are already searching for what you have to offer — and are primed to convert. But to fully capitalize on this potential, you have to pay just as much attention to your landing pages as your ad copy. Here’s how to design […]

Optimize Your Success With Your Agency Partner

Running a franchise business requires mastery of a combination of skills. You need to be a solid leader, a finance specialist and an effective coach — not to mention an expert in your industry. But with all those hats to wear, you may not have sufficient time to devote to advertising and marketing your brand, […]

Quick Tips for Better Results with Direct Mail

According to MailChimp, Direct mail tends to have a significantly higher response rate than email marketing. Direct mail is interactive, memorable and tangible — and it generally faces much less competition than digital advertising. So give direct mail a look if you haven’t used it before (or in a while). If you do, here are […]