How to Perfect Your Brand Strategy

Anyone with a business knows the importance of branding.  Branding is your business’s identity and the “personality of your business.”  Your brand strategy, however, is the part of your business plan that outlines how your company will grow your reach and win favorability with your target buyers.  Your brand identity might be the exterior of […]

How A Strong Brand Helps Your Business Thrive

Some people may think of branding as just a business’s logo, but it is so much more than just a visual representation of your company.  Branding is one of the most powerful tools in effectively communicating your business’s goods and services, and is an important part of how you as a business owner can create […]

Renew Your Brand in 2021

You’re cleaning out the garage, oiling the exercise bike and purging the cupboards of junk food. The new year is all about renewal. While you’re getting on the right track with your health and home, dust off your brand to see if it might need a little attention as well. Your brand is the cornerstone […]

Restaurant branding expert to launch bagel concept in Florida

Tim Holcomb, one of Florida’s restaurant branding and marketing consultants, and his agency, TCreative, are developing a prototype for a new fast casual restaurant. The new concept, owned by husband and wife restaurateurs Shawn and Jessie Landry, will feature a fresh take on one of America’s most popular foods-the bagel, according to a company press […]

For the LOVE of Type

Times certainly have changed since Gutenberg’s days of one-typeface letterpress. With digital presses today, typography, the art of working with type, has become the unsung hero of all advertising, marketing, and branding endeavors. Type forms the skeletal structure of mass communication and without it we wouldn’t have nearly as much information as we do. Whether […]