Brand Adaptability: How Giving Your Brand a Facelift Can Save Your Business

In today’s dynamic, consumer-driven marketplace, change is the only constant that brands can count on. The needs of a business’s loyal client base as well as their ideals and values may change. Because of these shifts, brands face the constant challenge of staying relevant and valuable to consumers. Brand adaptability is the cornerstone of success […]

DIY Graphic Design Tools: When, How, and When Not To Use Them

Graphic design is an integral part of any marketing strategy. Your brand’s logo is what will help buyers recognize you, and the appearance and feel of your products should also match your marketing campaigns. With more DIY design programs being introduced, it may seem like a smart decision to forgo a professional graphic designer and […]

Boost Your Business With Google Reviews

If you have a business, you should have a Google My Business page set up. This page allows potential customers to find you, access your website, learn your operating hours, and see a list of services or products you offer. Your Google My Business page also allows your customers to leave reviews, which are one […]

How to Perfect Your Brand Strategy

Anyone with a business knows the importance of branding.  Branding is your business’s identity and the “personality of your business.”  Your brand strategy, however, is the part of your business plan that outlines how your company will grow your reach and win favorability with your target buyers.  Your brand identity might be the exterior of […]

How A Strong Brand Helps Your Business Thrive

Some people may think of branding as just a business’s logo, but it is so much more than just a visual representation of your company.  Branding is one of the most powerful tools in effectively communicating your business’s goods and services, and is an important part of how you as a business owner can create […]

Add These Marketing Initiatives to Your Q1 Budget

The end of the year is rapidly approaching, which means that you’re probably about to finalize your 2024 budget plan. Now is the perfect time to pause, reflect and evaluate your marketing results and the customer feedback you received this year — because this is your chance to take your sales and advertising tactics to […]

Your Golden Ticket: 10 Video Formats to Boost Your Brand Marketing

What was once reserved only for bigger businesses and brands has now become a gold standard in digital marketing: video content. It grabs viewers’ attention and can hold it longer, if done well. According to NogenTech, 91% of marketers are using video in 2023. So if you haven’t jumped on the video bandwagon, now is […]

Building Brand Loyalty

  You know what sounds terrific this morning? A tall cup of joe to help get your day out of the starting gate. And we bet you know exactly where you’re going to get yours. It’s a familiar and consistent experience you depend on from the ordering process (tall, half-caff, soy latte, anyone?) to the […]

Marketing Mistakes That Will Haunt Your Brand

It’s the time of year when we all enjoy a little bit of a fright — but you definitely don’t want your business to fall prey to any of these scary marketing mistakes.   Ghosting your current customers. Don’t focus on seeking out new business at the expense of continuing to build and deepen your […]

4 Marketing Mistakes Growing Franchises Make

Growing a franchise is an exciting entrepreneurial adventure. But it’s a lot more fun — and more profitable — when you avoid some of the common pitfalls many franchises face as they scale.   Inconsistent Brand Messaging When corporate doesn’t maintain control over franchisee branding, it’s easy to end up with inconsistent visual branding and […]