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Unleash the political power of direct mail.

Kymera has more than two decades of experience helping
candidates reach — and convince — voters.

Political Campaigns and Direct Mail
A Winning Strategy

We Have the Experience

At Kymera, we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer satisfaction. From “step one” to “done,” we evidence our years of experience through quality, professionalism and always striving to exceed expectations.


Direct mail is the most credible form of political messaging according to voters. Kymera has decades of experience finding the right lists, designing effective mailers and pinpointing the most productive names to make your mailings more efficient and persuasive.


Let us create a memorable and engaging visual mark to express and cement your identity with the public. A strong logo is at the heart of the visual branding of a campaign. Make sure yours stands out — in the right way.


We can expertly handle the creation, printing and fulfillment of collateral material such as palm cards, brochures, door hangers, business cards, pocket folders and fund-raising packages.


Big and bold: We put your message front and center with all types of political signs, from rally and sponsorship banners to yard signs, tee shirts, buttons, magnets and more.


The road to success: Broadcast your message on the move by wrapping campaign vehicles with your logo and message. Get your campaign noticed with an attention-grabbing vehicle wrap.

Direct Mail Is the Most Credible Political Media


There are many ways to reach voters, but voters say they’re more likely to believe messages delivered by direct mail. When asked which method of contact they found most credible, voters chose:

Source: "Summit Research Post-Election Survey", USPS, November 9, 2017

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