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Marketing Mistakes That Will Haunt Your Brand

It’s the time of year when we all enjoy a little bit of a fright — but you definitely don’t want your business to fall prey to any of these scary marketing mistakes.


Ghosting your current customers. Don’t focus on seeking out new business at the expense of continuing to build and deepen your relationships with existing customers. After all, these are the people who already like you and your products. Maybe you can entice them to try a new offering — or purchase their favorites more frequently. Better yet, turn them into brand ambassadors and advocates by offering them special deals.


Undead branding. How long has it been since you’ve updated your website, or logo or tagline? You’ve got to keep things fresh to avoid the stench and rot of an undead brand. Kymera can make sure your messaging is relevant and on point — and bring it back to the land of the living. Ask yourself these questions to see if it’s time for a reanimation:

  • Is my website fully mobile optimized?
  • Have my ideal buyer personas changed?
  • Is my brand distinctive (in a good way) from the competition?


Promoting creature features over benefits. Don’t fall into the trap of talking about yourself too much. People don’t care about you and your products (sorry) — they want what your products and services can do for them. Think about what problems customers struggle with. Can you help them save time or money, get superior results or have a better customer experience? Be generous with your content and your marketing by keeping your focus squarely on customers’ needs.


Zombie marketing campaigns. Don’t adopt a set it and forget it mindset and leave brainless campaigns on autopilot, lest they devour all your resources with minimal ROI. Test and track all aspects of your marketing, from your direct mail leads to your PPC landing pages to your email marketing subject lines. The idea is to make just one small change at a time — this is called A/B testing or split testing, and it’s the only way to tell what works and what doesn’t. If your campaigns are sucking the life out of your marketing budget without the results you want, Kymera can help.


Letting warm leads grow cold as a corpse. You worked hard to generate those leads, so jump on them while there’s still a heartbeat. When someone fills out your contact form, get back in touch within hours (minutes preferably) — not days. Don’t track your calls but not pick them up when the phone rings. And consider retargeting ads when someone visits your website but doesn’t convert. Don’t let your leads languish in post-marketing purgatory.


Creepy marketing copy and ghoulish grammar. Whether it’s on your website, a direct mail piece, a brochure or Facebook ad, don’t let typos, grammatical errors or unprofessional copy undermine your efforts. Hire a professional editor or proofreader to polish and punch up your prose before you hit send or publish. Kymera has a team of writers and content specialists to help you craft your messaging for maximum impact, so the only folks who’ll be frightened by your marketing will be your competition.


Happy Halloween from Kymera!

And for your next monster movie night, here are few downright scary (and some not-so-scary) recommendations from our team to yours.

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