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Kymera’s Parent Company Mailtropolis to Launch New Transactional Mail Service

A level of transactional mail service, risk management, and security, once only accessible to the largest companies, will now be available to businesses of all sizes when they partner with Mailtropolis.


Often, small and medium-sized businesses don’t have access to this level of service simply because they are not large enough. Yet, they’re still held to the same security standards as large organizations. No matter your company’s size, if you aren’t meeting the standards and regulatory requirements of your industry, the consequences could be dire.


We live in a time where massive data hacks have put a spotlight on data security and privacy considerations. All you need is one breach that captures the attention of social media, the news, or an attorney eager to file a data privacy lawsuit, to have your professional reputation (and your bottom line) seriously damaged.


If you work in one of the following industries, your business can be held to higher regulatory or legal standards when it comes to the privacy and security of your client, customer, or patient mailings.


  • Hospital facilities
  • Doctor’s offices
  • Medical billing companies
  • Legal services
  • Utility billing
  • Banking
  • Financial services
  • Registered investment advisors (RIAs)
  • Insurance
  • Leasing companies


“We’re pleased to fill such an urgent need in the business community by offering this exciting new service,” says Bob Heid, owner of Mailtropolis. “And being the first that we know of to provide anything like this in the Southeast, we’re anticipating high demand, especially among businesses for whom high security (HIPAA, HITECH, HITRUST, and SOC 2 Type II compliant) transactional mail has previously been out of reach.”


Right now, too many companies are just getting the job done any way they can, either using in-house office staff and resources or outsourcing to companies not compliant with the strict standards imposed by HIPAA, HITECH, HITRUST, or SOC 2 Type II. They’re rolling the dice when it comes to the risk of just one misstep — one medical record or account statement sent to the wrong recipient or failing to have the compliance documentation they need — which can jeopardize their professional reputation. They can also face fines from regulators — and damages — if they’re found liable in a lawsuit.


The system Mailtropolis uses, holds the following transactional mail certifications:

  • ISO 27001: general information security management
  • HITECH: for HIPAA information security
  • HITRUST: for financial information security


The service organization that manages our security and data integrity is SOC 2 Type II certified — and ISO 27017 & 27018 certified for cloud services. And our service runs on Microsoft Azure web services, which is also SOC 2 Type II certified.


You’ve worked too hard to gamble with your reputation and livelihood when it comes to the regulatory compliance of your business mail. Mailtropolis has the solution you’ve been looking for.


Whether you’re sending 500 or 500,000 pieces of transactional mail, with Mailtropolis, you’ll have access to the same high level of security, service, and risk management with end-to-end seamless tracking that’s normally only afforded to the largest companies in your industry.


Keep your business, and the privacy of your customers, safe and secure with transactional mail. Contact Mailtropolis today.