"As someone who grew up in the Bronx, I certainly learned my share of four-letter words, but none are more powerful than nice."
-Linda Kaplan Thaler

You wanna know about being tough? I was raised in the Bronx – Mott Haven to be exact. One of the roughest neighborhoods a kid could grow up in. For many people, the neighborhood was a dead end. But not for me. I decided I wanted to get out, so I became one of the hardest workers you’ll ever know.

At Kymera, I work with direct mail projects and I’m fast. Give me your project for custom letters and I’ll have them out the door in no time. Need 10,000 postcards to drop in the mail? Consider it done. Need 40,000 calendars and a coupon sheet hand-inserted into custom envelope? Whew – well, that one will take me a while, but I can get it done at least 3 times faster than the person next to me.

When I say I work hard, you better believe I play hard too. I really enjoy being around my husband, kids, and grandkids.

You know, my husband always says that tough times don’t last – tough people do. I’m living proof of that truth.