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Give Your Omnichannel Strategy Print Power

We are Kymera - Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel marketing leverages the power of multiple media formats and platforms to

provide a seamless customer experience throughout the buyer’s journey. But omni is

not just about digital. Print plays a critical role in effective omnichannel campaigns.

Leverage everything from direct mail to signage — and even car, window and wall

wraps — to connect and engage with customers. Plus, there are almost endless ways

to link print collateral with your digital platforms for amplified impact and results.

Make a Splash with Sensational Signage


Big, bold physical messaging grabs attention, especially when produced with strong

visual design elements and creative flair. Don’t underestimate the ability of showy

banners; posters; window, vehicle and door wraps; and both indoor and outdoor

signage to attract buyers’ eyes and boost business.


Feature hashtags in your signage to increase engagement on social platforms. Or

leverage your digital channels even further to enhance customers’ in-store experience

by embedding QR codes that provide something unique such as a special in-store offer,

contest or fun challenge. Combine print material and online collateral to create a more

interactive experience, making your product or business stand out from the competition.


Reach Customers Where They Live

Print mailers are even more powerful when linked with digital assets to create

cross-platform synergy. Like signage, direct mail materials can also feature inventive

QR codes or hashtags. Use these elements to facilitate customer engagement and

strengthen your brand identity. Get prospects’ attention with eye-catching, beautifully

designed mailers and then lead them further down the sales funnel with a digital

strategy to drive conversions.


Omnichannel marketing is all about personalizing for the customer, so variable data

printing (VDP) — where design elements and text messaging are changed from one

printed piece to the next — is a perfect fit for this strategy. VDP leverages software and

databases to customize materials for individual customer segments, or even for each

recipient. Kymera can target your audience with precision by personalizing collateral

and changing visual elements to specifically appeal to each market segment.


Stay Top of Mind with Print

A wide array of print products can be produced to reinforce your branding and help your

business stand out from the competition. Stationery, brochures, sales collateral,

business cards, pocket folders, handouts and invitations can all work effectively to put

your messaging in the hands — and minds — of potential customers. And don’t forget

to reference your social media pages and web address here, too, for even more cross-platform



Kymera Offers the Best of Both Worlds

If you’re not leveraging print content marketing, you’re leaving money on the table. Print

helps evoke a more emotional, tactile experience that can give your campaigns lasting

resonance and amplify your ROI.


Kymera operates a full-service print shop within its digital marketing agency. Getting

everything you need in one place is more efficient and can save you time and money.

Let the marketing pros at Kymera help you craft and execute a winning omnichannel

strategy for your business or brand.